Thursday, April 30, 2009

Man utd vs Arsenal highlights

Yesterday, Man utd won Champions League semi finals against Arsenal 1-0. Below is the Man utd vs Arsenal highlights.

Football Match - UEFA Champions League.

Competition between - Man utd vs Arsenal.

Date - 29/04/2009.

Venue - Old Trafford, England.

Man utd vs Arsenal highlights

Manchester United (Man utd) won the match.
Goal : John O'Shea scored the goal for Manchester United thus making 1-0 in the score board.

First semi finals on 28 April 2009, Bacelona vs Chelsea was a draw (0-0).

Hope this Man utd vs Arsenal highlights in text format was interesting for readers. Photos, video and pics will be updated shortly.

Thank you.

Difference between core 2 duo and dual core

While buying a computer we usually check the processor. Now we hear about new processors, core 2 duo and dual core. So people are little confused and likes to know what is the difference between core 2 duo and dual core.

What is the difference between core 2 duo and dual core processor's ?

Answer :

Dual core processor -
Dual core is a common term used for any processor package with 2 CPUs. So there will be two processors on the same board. Dual core processors works like two processors thereby splitting the process (tasks).

Core 2 duo processor -
Core 2 Duo are processor's manufactured by Intel for desktops and laptop computers. Core 2 Duo runs more faster and consumes less power.

The basic difference is that Core 2 Duo is an intel product, but almost all manufactures have dual core processors. Example : AMD and Intel have dual core, by only Intel has Core 2 Duo.

Core 2 Duo is a 64 bit processor and have 4 MB cache memory. Core2Duo and Dual Core are single physical processor but virtually 2 processors.

The main difference is that the Core 2 Duo term can only be used by Intel.

Hope the answer for the question - what is the difference between core 2 duo and dual core processor's have been solved.

Thank you.

IPL points table 2009

Here is the Season 2 IPL points table 2009. Indian Premier League which started on 18th April 2009 is still on its way to find out IPL T20 2009 Champions.

As per last update's the point level is

IPL points table 2009

Hyderabad Deccan Chargers - 8 points from 4 matches.
Delhi Daredevils - 6 points from 4 matches.
Mumbai Indians - 5 points from 4 matches.
Rajasthan Royals - 5 P ( 5 M).
Mohali Kings XI Punjab - 4 P (4 M).
Royal Challenger Bangalore - 4 points 6 matches.
Chennai Super Kings - 3 from 5.
Kolkata Knight Riders - 3 points from 6 matches.

Top Batsman, more runs is scored by Mathew Haydn (215 runs).
Top Bowler, more wickets is taken by Lasith Malinga (11 wickets).

Above IPL points table 2009 has been last updated on 30/04/2009. Stay tuned for more score updates and points updates on points table on May 09.

Thank you.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Haryana Board 10th result 2009

Haryana Board 10th result 2009 has been published. Results of HBSE Biwani Secondary examination 2009 can be checked from website -

Haryana Board 10th result 2009 can be also checked from HBSE Haryana Board of School education website

Results published are :

HBSE Biwani Secondary (Class 10) Examination 2009.
Senior Secondary (Class 12) Examination 2009.
Haryana Open School (HOS) Examination 2009.

To know Haryana Board 10th result 2009 by SMS you have to SMS in following format.

Result HB10 ROLLNO to 56263.

Wish all who appeared for Xth class examination will get good marks as expected.

[Plz pardon in case of any mistakes in above news.]

Thank you.

Vodafone zoozoo - zoozoo character

Vodafone launched a new character named zoozoo to promote their value added services. Vodafone zoozoo character is getting more popularity among all kind of people.

Like Vodafone's Happy to Help and Vodafone dog (Hutch dog), newly created zozo is also a hit.

The best thing about Vodafone is their attractive and innovative promos.

No doubt zoozoo will be a big hit in India.

What is ZooZoo ?
ZooZoos are the funny character's in the new Vodaphone promo.

Vodafone ZooZoo in Facebook

Vodafone ZooZoo is not only in Tv and internet, but they also rocks Facebook. This is the link of zoozoo facebook community -

In short, Vodafone zoozoo character rocks.

Thank you.

Swine Flu Mask - Swine Flu Respirator Mask

Swine Flu Mask can help you from getting infected by Swine virus. So try to buy Swine Flu Respirator Mask and wear it to reduce the chance of getting flu.

You can also wear a surgical mask to cover your nose and mouth so that you can avoid getting swine flu.

How to avoide getting swine flu ?
Just wear a Respirator Mask which will help you from the hands of deadly flu.

Does mask can avoid flu virus ?
Yes to an extend Swine Flu Mask can avoid causing of flu.

What is respirator for swine flu ?
Swine Flu Respirator Mask is a protective mask with a filter which protects the face and lungs against unwanted substances.

Symptoms of swine flu include fever, vomiting, loss of conciousness etc. Reports of death due to swine flu has been reported during this year 2009.

Prevention is better than cure. So try to wear a Swine Flu Mask or Swine Flu Respirator Mask if you are living in area which is suspected to flu.

Thank you..and don't forget to wear masks.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Barcelona Chelsea highlights

Champions League Football first Semi finals was on 28 April 2009. Barcelona vs Chelsea was the 1st semi on UEFA Champions League Football. Here is the commentary of Barcelona Chelsea highlights.

Barcelona Chelsea Football Semi finals was a draw with 0 - 0 goals for each football club.

The match was held at Nou Camp stadium, Barcelona Spain on Tuesday.

There was not much Barcelona Chelsea highlights as there was no goals in the match.

Both clubs cannot score a goal, which made fans of Barcelona Chelsea depressed.

At the quarter finals Chelsea overcame Liverpool to reach semi finals.

The second semi finals will be played between Manchester United and Arsenal on 29 April 2009.

Champions League Manchester United vs Arsenal on 29-04-09.

Hope Barcelona Chelsea highlights article was intresting for you.

Thank you.

MPBSE 12th Class Result 2009 - MP Board

MPBSE 12th Class Result 2009 have been declared by MP Board of Secondary education on 28 April 2009. Results of MPBSE HSSC March 2009 exam can be checked from MP Board website

Heard, MP Board of Secondary education - MPBSE 12th Class Result 2009 will be available on these websites -

Hope all who appeared for Higher Secondary School Certificate Examination MPBSE HSSC 2009 will get good marks.

Direct link to check MPBSE 12th Class Result 2009 -

[ Please pardon if there is any mistake in above news ]

Thank you.

2011 Cricket World Cup final at India

According to latest news, ICC have desided to conduct 2011 Cricket World Cup final at India. There will be a total of 49 cricket matches during 2011 Cricket World Cup.

ICC have aslo desided to move headquarters of 2011 Cricket World Cup from Pakistan to India. So Mumbai will be the HQ of world cup cricket 2011.

The matches will be held in three countries. India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh will be the venues for WC 2011.

From the 49 cricket matches, 29 matches will be played at India. 12 matches will be played at Sri Lanka. Bangladesh will be the venue for 8 cricket matches.

The semi finals will be played at India and Sri Lanka and finally 2011 Cricket World Cup final at India.

Opening ceremony will be at Bangladesh on 18th February 2011 and first match of 2011 Cricket World Cup will be on 19th February 2011.

Hope 2011 Cricket World Cup final at India will be much entertaining like previous WC finals.

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Monday, April 27, 2009

WWE Backlash 2009 highlights online

WWE Backlash 2009 was held at Rhode Island on 26 April 2009. Here i present a commentary about WWE Backlash 2009 highlights online.

WWE Backlash 2009 contained 6 matches. WWE Backlash 2009 Match's held are -

Six-Man Tag Team match for the WWE Championship.
Last Man Standing match.
Singles match for the ECW Championship.
I Quit match and
Singles matches

For WWE Backlash 2009 highlights online article readers i am posting the winners. Here is the highlights -

Triple H, Batista and Shane McMahon vs The Legacy (Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase)
Result - The Legacy (Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes) became the winner.

John Cena vs Edge.
Result - Edge Wins.

Jack Swagger vs Christian
Result - Christian Wins.

Chris Jericho vs Ricky Steamboat
Result - Chris Jericho Wins.

Jeff Hardy vs Matt Hardy
Result - Jeff Hardy wins.

CM Punk vs Kane
Result - Kane became the winner.

Hope my commentary of WWE Backlash 2009 highlights online was useful for all wwe fans.

Thank you.

IPL 2009 live streaming

Those people who dont have cable connection at home basically depends on IPL 2009 live streaming sites to watch IPL live. But those IPL 2009 live streaming websites cannot provide that much clarity as a Tv.

IPL Indian Premier League is like festival for all cricket lovers. So they all will try to watch IPL live. But more people only have government aided tv channels at home.

To watch cricket matches like IPL people should go for a cable connection. Else they should buy a dish and set top box. But these two methods are expensive.

So viewers those who have internet connection can view cricket through live streaming websites. These streaming sites provides streaming video and streaming audio so that a cricket lover can watch live telecast as in Tv.

But the clarity differ based on compression scheme used and the speed of internet connection.

The matches played live during IPL 2009 season 2 are -

RCB vs CSK, RR vs MI, KKR vs KXIP, DD vs CSK, RCB vs DC, KKR vs RR, KXIP vs RCB, KKR vs CSK, DC vs MI, RR vs KXIP, RCB vs DD, KKR vs MI, CSK vs DC, DD vs RR, MI vs KXIP, KKR vs RCB, DD vs DC, RR vs CSK, RCB vs KXIP, MI vs KKR, RR vs DC, CSK vs DD, MI vs RCB, KXIP vs KKR, DC vs CSK, DD vs KKR, KXIP vs RR, MI vs DC, KXIP vs CSK, RCB vs RR, DD vs MI, DC vs KXIP, CSK vs RR, KKR vs DD, RCB vs MI, DC vs RR, RCB vs KKR, KXIP vs MI, DC vs DD, MI vs RR, CSK vs RCB, KXIP vs DD, CSK vs MI, DC vs KKR, RR vs DD, KXIP vs DC, CSK vs KKR, DD vs RCB, CSK vs KXIP, RR vs KKR, DC vs RCB, MI vs DD.

So you can watch all these IPL 2009 live streaming matches through live streaming websites.

[Copying of above article is prohibited]

Thank you.

Karunanidhi fasting

TN Chief Minister Karunanidhi fasting demanding ceasefire at Sri Lanka. Karunanidhi started fasting to save poor tamils who were being killed at Sri lanka in between Sri lanka - LTTE war.

News was there that PM called Karunanidhi and assured him that the central government will try to bring peace.

Yesterday LTTE announced ceasefire at Sri Lanka.

As per recent developments, news was there that Sri Lankan Govt also desided for ceasefire.

Heard Karunanidhi stopped fasting after the announcement of Sri Lankan Govt to ceasefire.

Karunanidhi started fasting today morning at Anna Memorial, Marina Beach.

I think Karunanidhi fasting can be one of the reason for Sri Lankan govenment to think about stop war.

Anyway ceasefire will be a good news for all poor people who live at SL.

Thank you.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Rajasthan Royals - RR

Rajasthan Royals RR is owned by Emerging Media Group. RR is a Jaipur based IPL team.

333 crore Rupees is the team cost. Rajasthan Royals RR won the first IPL season 2008.

Captain of Rajasthan Royals IPL squad is Shane Warne. Mohammad Kaif is the most costlier player of RR.

Other team players include

Swapnil Asnodkar, Graeme Smith, Shane Watson, D. Mascarenhas, Mohammad Kaif, Shane Warne (c), Yusuf Pathan, Morne Morkel, Siddharth Trivedi and Munaf Patel.

This time on the opening match between RCB and RR, RCB won. But in KKR v RR, RR won against KKR in super over.

The super over in IPL season 2 was well utilized by Yusuf Pathan with good strokes. As the captain Shane Warne manages his squad very well there is a possibility for Rajasthan Royals RR to win IPL Season 2 2009.

(Copying of above article is prohibited)

Thank you.

Swine flu jokes

Some people considers Swine flu as a joke and even move forward to make Swine flu jokes. Its not a good habbit to make joke out of a serious epidemic.

You should join hand's with people affected with Swine flu and should help them. Don't laugh at a person when he/she is in trouble.

According to my knowledge people having close contact with animals like pigs, and other birds have a more possibility of getting Swine flu.

Swine flu is an acute and highly contagious respiratory disease of swine caused by the orthomyxovirus. Orthomyxovirus is a group of viruses including those causing influenza.

The symptoms of Swine flu are

Loss of consciousness etc etc.

Swine flu can even result in death of a person. Heard even in 1976 some people died due to Swine flu.

Hope people wont make anymore Swine flu jokes and will consider the situation more seriously.

Thank you.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Idea Star Singer 2008 winner

Here comes the end for the long wait to find Idea Star Singer 2008 winner. Yes the Idea Star Singer 2008 winner has been declared.

Results of ISS 08 are -
Male Idea Star Singer 2008 winner (Best male singer) Vivek Anand (First prize).
Female Idea Star Singer 2008 winner (Best female singer) Sonia (First prize).

First Runnerup is Rahul.

Second Runnerup is Gayathri.

Consolation prize for Prasobh and Jins.

Idea Star Singer 2008 winner Vivek Anand and Sonia got 1 crore worth villa (Flat) sponsored by Confident Group.

Josco gold (101 pavan) is won by first runner up Rahul. Second runner up Gayathri got 2 lakh rupees. Prasobh and Jins won 1 lakh rupees.

Winner was selected on an event held at Thiruvananthapuram Chandrashekar Nair Stadium. This event also witnessed performences by Najim, Arya, Somadas, Imran, Ajay and Sanni.

Congrats Vivek Anand and Sonia.

Thank You.

IPL Chennai Super Kings team squad - CSK

One of the strongest team of IPL cricket is Chennai Super Kings (CSK). IPL Chennai Super Kings team squad includes -

CSK Team Owner - India Cement's Ltd.
Team cost - 452 crore Indian rupees.
Location - Chennai.
Captain of Chennai Super Kings team squad - MS Dhoni.
Costliest player in CSK - Andrew Flintoff.

The main players of IPL Chennai Super Kings team squad are :

Albie Morkel, MS Dhoni (c), Andrew Flintoff, Jacob Oram, Joginder Sharma, Lakshmipathy Balaji, Makhaya Ntini, Manpreet Gony, Mathew Hayden, Muttiah Muralitharan, Subramaniam Badrinath and Suresh Raina.

During IPL season 1 Chennai Kings were one of the finalist. So they got second place.

During this season, ie season 2 2009 IPL Chennai Super Kings team squad should play well to keep their last year position or to become the champions.

(Copying of above article is strictly prohibited)

Thank you.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Hoffenheim vs Hertha BSC live stream

Hoffenheim vs Hertha BSC live stream Football match will be on April 24th 2009. Time of Hoffenheim vs Hertha BSC football is 14:30 UK.

The venue of Live TSG Hoffenheim vs Hertha BSC Berlin is AWD-Arena.

Football Club - TSG Hoffenheim is founded on 1899.

Football Club - Hertha BSC Berlin is founded on 1892.

Soccer schedule -
Match - 1899 Hoffenheim vs Hertha BSC
Competition - Germany Bundesliga
Venue: AWD-Arena

You can watch Hoffenheim vs Hertha BSC live stream through football portals or through sports related portals.

Enjoy the Soccer fever.

Thank you.

May day 2009 greeting card

May day 2009 is celebrated all over the world on May 1st. So here i have designed a May day 2009 greeting card for all workers.

May day is celebrated in many countries to welcome the coming of spring. First of May is observed in Russia and in other countries in honor of labor.

May day implies the requirement of workers union to strike for the basic requirements of employees. So many people are working in different sectors without being payed properly.

Such people should unite and raise your voice against low wages, unhealthy working conditions, over work etc.

The below is a May day 2009 greeting card which can be sent to friends relative's or co workers as a gift. You can also set it as a wallpaper.

Download free May day 2009 greeting card

Thank you.

HBSE 8th class result 2009

Heard, Haryana Board of School Education HBSE have published results of Middle Examination February 2009. HBSE 8th class result 2009 can be obtained from HBSE website

HBSE 8th class Result Sheet have been published on Haryana Board of School Education, Bhiwani official website

The HBSE Middle Class exam was conducted recently.

HBSE Class VIII is know as Middle Class.

More students will be eager to know the middle class exam results. Eight class result is more important and students who study well can score more marks.

As April May months are full of results all students will be very tensed. No need of tension for students as long as you study well.

This is my personal opinion. So study as you like and score marks according to your capability.

Best of luck for all students who appeared for HBSE 8th class 2009 exams. Hope you all get good results.

Thank you.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fake IPL Player caught ?

Finally i have gone through fake IPL player blog. His blog is really interesting. Rumers are there that fake IPL player caught. I hope he wont get caught as its very interesting to read his blog.

Fake IPL player explains some incidents and real experiences which occured during IPL Season 2 2009. He had even given nicknames for players and ipl cricket teams.

So many people spread the rummer that fake IPL player caught.

The URL (Link) of fake IPL player blog is

He himself introduces as an IPL player.

But the way of writing articles gives the impression that the IPL fake player is a journalist. Even if fake player is a team member he wont get enough time to blog.

If he is a team member then he can be caught easily, as a person having a laptop will be doing this. I think fake IPL Player caught is a fake news. was updated lastly on 22-04-2009. So if anonymous fakeiplplayer updates his blog / website then we can assure that he is not caught.

Thank you.

Idea Star Singer 2008 grand finale

Popular malayalam Tv reality show Idea Star Singer 2008 reached its final round. As per shown, Idea Star Singer 2008 grand finale will be conducted on 25th April 2009 Live.

The contestants who qualified for Idea Star Singer 2008 grand finale are :
Vivek Anand
Gayathri and

During last elimination round which was conducted after 13th round of Asianet ISS 08, Somadas got eliminated.

So a total of 6 contestants will be performing live during Idea Star Singer 2008 grand finale.

So on 25-04-2009 we can know the winner of ISS 08. The winner of Idea Star Singer 2008 title will get a Flat worth 1 crore.

Lets wait and see who will win the flat and who will get more SMS.

Thank you.

Fake IPL Player

Friends, who is Fake IPL Player ? I have seen so many cricket fans speaking about a blog What is Fake IPL Player ?

Then who is the orginal IPL player ? This world is full of fakes. Even now cricket got in hands of Fake?

Now its easy for every person to express thier idea's to the world with the help of a Blog. Blog can be created by Blogger ie blogspot or by wordpress. So i think this fake ipl player could be a person who is just expressing his views about Cricket.

Is that fakeiplplayer revealing some truth's or some rumors. I have seen news on some websites that the Fake IPL player has been caught.

For which IPL cricket team this Fake IPL Player is playing? As there are only eight IPL 20-20 teams like KKR, DD, KIXP, DC, CSK, MI, RR and RCB he should be playing for one of these teams.

I came to know about this blogger while searching in google. But caunt understand what is going inside that blog. Can anybody explain me what is the specialty of

Thanks in advance. Please post your opinion about IPL Fake player in comments.

Thank you.

IPL Squad - Kings XI Punjab KXIP

IPL Kings XI Punjab KXIP is the Mohali based cricket team. The Kings XI Punjab cricket team squad is captained by Yuvaraj Singh.

KXIP Team owner is Bollywood actress Preity Zinta.
Team cost - 379 crore Rs/-
Costliest player in the Punjab Kings XI squad is Yuvaraj Singh.

The players (team members) of Kings XI Punjab KXIP IPL squad are :
Irfan Pathan, Yuvraj Singh (c), Kumar Sangakkara, Mahela Jayawardene, Piyush Chawla, Simon Katich, Tanmay Srivastava, Jerome Taylor, Ramnaresh Sarwan, Ravi Bopara, S Sreesanth (cricketer from Kerala).

The batting line up of IPL Squad Kings XI Punjab KXIP is strong as they have Yuvraj Singh, Kumar Sangakkara and Irfan Pathan.

At the bowling end they have S Sreesanth and I Patan. During IPL Season 1 Sreesanth was the player to take highest number of wickets. Unfortunately he is not playing for IPL 2009 Season 2.

[Notice: Copying of article's published on News Updates Blog is forbidden by law.]

Thank you.

Indian Bank 700 Clerk Recruitment

Notification for Indian Bank 700 Clerk Recruitment have been published in leading Job News papers. As per the report Indian Bank, a leading Public Sector Bank has invited application for recruitment of 700 Clerks.

The number of vacancies is 700. Mode of application submission is online, through Indian Bank website " ".

Qualification needed is a degree or +2 (Higher Secondary).

Opening date for online registration is 20 April 2009 and closing date for online registration is 16 May 2009.

Date of written test for Indian Bank 700 clerk recruitment is 21st June 2009 . Written examination will be on afternoon.

Application fee is Rs 200. Application fee for SC, ST, PC, Ex Serviceman etc is 50 Rupees. Last date for applying online and payment of fees for the post of clerk in Indian Bank is 16 May 2009.

For more details about Indian Bank 700 Clerk Recruitment refer Indian bank website " " or refer Job weekly.

[Important: Copying or reproducing any part of article published on News Updates Blog is forbidden by law.]

Thank you.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth day 2009 celebration

Earth day 2009 celebration have been conducted all over the world today. Even i have celebrated Earth day 2009 with my friends.

What is the relavence of this event ?

Every one knows there are some big issues associated with earth. The deeds of human being made earth contaminated and unhealthy to live. The best example is ozone hole.

Contaminated water is only available to drink. Polluted air is another significant issue. Lakh's of people suffer from bronchitis and other allergic diseases due to breathing this polluted air.

I hope Earth day 2009 celebration may bring these serious problem before the view of common people.

Cutting of tress and its consequences should be considered deeply. Flood, erosion, hot climatic conditions etc are caused by cutting of trees.

We have met with various disaster during the last year like cyclones, tsunami, flood etc. These all situations are after effect of man made issues. So proper care to earth is needed and earth should be considered as our home.

Wishing all readers Happy Earth Day 2009.

[ Note: Copying of Articles posted at News Updates Blog is strictly prohibited.]

Thank you.

IPL RCB v DC - Match 8 Live

Today in IPL Season 2 2009, RCB v DC match will be played at 8pm. Venue is Cape Town.

Then what's up friends. May day is comming. Hope you have planned to enjoy May day very well.

May day or Cricket ? Which is more precious for you? My friend Alex is more intrested in watching cricket, rather than celebrating some events. But i am intrested in celebrating birthdays and other functions.

Tv programs are much boring. So watching IPL give some relaxation for mind. As no new movies are there its better to watch cricket.

But it seems this year IPL is not much interesting as last years. Due to continuous raining and due to venue location its not getting that much attention from viewers.

[Note: Copying of News Updates Blog Articles is strictly prohibited.]

Thank You.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

RR vs MI

IPL RR vs MI cricket match will take place at Durban on 21-04-09 at 8 pm.

RR team captain is Shane Warne and MI team captain is Sachin Tendulkar.
Sachin Tendulkar is in a great form now as he batted well in first IPL match against Chennai Super Kings.

RR vs MI cricket match schedule
Match stadium - Durban
Match Timing - 8 pm
Number of over - 20 (20-20 match).

The current point of MI Mumbai Indians is 1 and that of RR Rajasthan Royals is 0 in IPL Season 2 2009. So RR needs to win this match.

RR was the champions of last year Indian Premier League. But they failed against Royal Challengers Bangalore on the opening match.

Hope Shane Warne's team will perform well in todays match. You can watch RR vs MI Live at Cable Tv.

Thank you.

Match 6 KKR vs KXIP - IPL 2009

Match 6 KKR vs KXIP IPL 2009 will be played at Durban, SA. The Cricket match will be commencing at 4 pm Indian Standard Time.

KKR headed by Brondon McCullum was defeated by Deccan Chargers on fourth match of IPL Season 2. So they should play very carefully to win todays cricket match against KXIP.

On third match of IPL 2009, Delhi Daredevils had defeated KXIP. So todays IPL is crucial for KKR and KXIP. Both teams will be trying to acquire their first victory.

On first match Kolkata Knight Riders batsman's Brondon McCullum and Saurav Ganguly's performance were not upto expectations.

Kings XI Punjab expects team captain Yuvaraj Singh as their match winner player. Last day Yuvaraj scored only 16 runs, eventhough the opening batsman's gave a good start for KXIP.

Todays IPL Match :
Match 6 - KKR vs KXIP
Time - 4 pm.
Match venue - Durban.

If there is no rain delay then we can expect good cricket during KXIP vs KKR.

Thank you.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Miss USA 2009 Title - Kristen Dalton Miss North Carolina

Miss USA 2009 title goes to Kristen Dalton Miss North Carolina. Kristen Dalton was selected as Miss USA 2009 at Miss USA pageant held at Las Vegas on 19 April 2009. She was selected from among 51 contestants.

Carrie Prejean Miss California became the first runner up. Second runner up was Alicia Blanco Miss Arizona. The third runner up is Miss Utah Laura Chukanov. Fourth runner up is Miss Kentucky Maria Montgomery.

Miss Wyoming Cynthia Pate won the Miss Congeniality title and Miss Virginia Maegan Phillips won the Miss Photogenic title.

Miss USA 2009 Miss Kristen Dalton North Carolina won an apartment at New York and two years scholarship.

This was the 58th Miss USA pageant and Miss North Carolina USA Kristen Dalton was crowned Miss USA 2009 at this pageant. The 58th Miss USA pageant venue was Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino, Las Vegas.

So Kristen Dalton Miss North Carolina gets Miss USA 2009 Title.

Congrats Miss North Carolina for winning this title.

Thank you.

IPL RCB vs CSK live

DLF IPL RCB vs CSK live twenty20 cricket is scheduled to start at 4 pm IST. Apart from last four 20-20 cricket matches, RCB vs CSK will be held at Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

On 20-04-2009, Monday there is only one IPL match. So the twenty twenty match will start at 4pm itself.

RCB - Bangalore Royal Challengers represent bangalore and CSK - Chennai Super Kings represent Chennai. The captain of RCB is Rahul Dravid and the captain of CSK is MS Dhoni.

Cricket Match Schedule -

Teams - CSK vs RCB
Venue - Port Elizabeth
Starting time - 4pm

Rahul Dravid played a good innings during second match of IPL Season 2 against Rajastan Royals. So Rahul Dravid is in a great form during IPL 2009. The CSK team is a strong team with a strong captain Dhoni. CSK was in second position during 2008 season 1.

Addition of England cricket player Kevin Pietersen will give batting strength for Royal Challengrs (RCB). RCB will have some confidence as they won against last year champions Rajastan Royals.

IPL RCB vs CSK live can be seen at TV from 4 pm. Hope today the rain wont break the match. You can know score, results, view wallpapers etc from sports related websites.

Thank you.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

IPL Website - MI Mumbai Indians team squad

MI Mumbai Indians team squad is led by little master Sachin Tendulkar and owned by Reliance Industries.

Mumbai based MI team's cost is 557 crores Indian rupees.

Coach is Shaun Pollock. The costliest player of IPL Mumbai Indians squad is Sachin Tendulkar.

MI Mumbai Indians team squad consist of following players :
Sachin Tendulkar (c), Sanath Jayasuriya, Dwayne Bravo, Abhishek Nayar, Dilhara Fernando, Dhawal Kulkarni, Harbhajan Singh, Jean Paul Duminy, Kyle Mills, Lasith Malinga, Mohammad Ashraful, Shikar Dhawan, Zaheer Khan.

The batting strength of Mumbai Indians are Indian batsman Sachin Tendulkar and Sri Lankan batsman Sanath Jayasuriya. In bowling side Harbhajan Singh and Zaheer Khan is there to strengthen MI.

The jersey colour of Mumbai Indians is dark blue. You can watch jersey from some IPL website. On IPL Season 1 Mumbai Indians were at fifth position. Lets wait and see what will be the position of MI in DLF IPL Season 2 2009.

Thank you.

Live KKR vs DC - IPL

Live KKR vs DC IPL match will start at 8 pm on 19th April 2009. The captain of KKR team is McCullum and captain of DC is Adam Gilchrist.

Twenty20 League, Live KKR vs DC IPL cricket match will be held at Cape Town.

KKR - Kolkata Knight Riders team is owned by bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan.
DC - Hyderabad Deccan Chargers is owned by Deccan Chronicle.

One of the main strength of DC is Australian batsman, bowler Andrew Symonds and the main strength of KKR is Brendon McCullum.

Cricket Match Schedule :
Match - Kolkata Knight Riders v Deccan Chargers.
Stadium - The Newlands stadium Cape Town.
Game starting time - 8 pm (Indian Standard Time).

On another match on 19 April 2009, Delhi Daredevils will play against Kings XI Punjab. This match will be at 4 pm IST.

You can watch Live KKR vs DC IPL match at Television. Wallpapers, pictures, images etc can be downloaded from sports related websites.

Thank You.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

How to measure current using multimeter

Most people dont know how to measure current using multimeter. People who dont know basic electronics fall in this category. Here i will explain how to check current using a multimeter.

To measure current you have to connect multimeter in series with the load and the battery. The current should flow through the multimeter to the load.

First set the multimeter knob in current measuring position. Then connect the red and black wires comming from the multimeter in series with the load. Then you will notice the current flowing through the load or device in the screen of multimeter.

Current is the flow of electrons. So to know the flow, multimeter or ammeter should be in series with the device and the battery.

You can measure both ac current and dc current (I) with the help of a multimeter.

Circuit diagram showing how to measure current using multimeter
Hope this above circuit diagram will help you to understand the concept.

Thank you.

IPL Team Kolkata Knight Riders Squad - Players

IPL team Kolkata Knight Riders squad - players are as follows. Short form used for Kolkata Knight Riders is KKR.

Kolkata Knight Riders Team Owner - Shahrukh Khan, Juhi Chawla and Jai Mehta.
Team Cost - 374 Crore Indian Rupee.
Location or destination - Kolkata.
Captain - Brendon McCullum, previous captain Sourav Ganguly.
Coach - John Buchanan.
Costliest player - Sourav Ganguly (5.4 Crores).

IPL team Kolkata Knight Riders squad, players :
Brendon McCullum (C), Sourav Ganguly, Mashrafe Mortaza, Ajantha Mendis, Ajit Agarkar, Chris Gayle, Cheteshwar Pujara, Ishant Sharma, Brad Hodge, Wriddhiman Saha, Aakash Chopra, Debabrata Das, Ashok Dinda, Murali Kartik, David Hussey, Chris Gayle, Angelo Mathews, Laxmi Ratan Shukla, Iqbal Abdullah, Ricky Ponting, Salman Butt, Rohan Banerjee, Yashpal Singh, Tatenda Taibu, Mohammad Hafeez, Shoaib Akhtar, Umar Gul, Siddarth Kaul, Ranadeb Bose, Sourashish Lahiri.

The captain of Kolkata Knight Riders during season 1 was Sourav Ganguly. But during IPL Season 2 the captain is Mc Cullum. During IPL 2008, Kolkata Knight Riders was at sixth postion.

Thank you.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Mumbai Indians v Chennai Super Kings Live

Mumbai Indians v Chennai Super Kings Live will start at 8 PM IST. As 18th is the starting day of IPL 2009, there will be two matches.

The first match is between Rajasthan Royals and Royal Challengers Bangalore and the second cricket match is between Mumbai Indians and IPL first edition runners up Chennai Super Kings.

Cricket Match Schedule is as follows:
Match between : Mumbai Indians v Chennai Super Kings
Location : Cape Town.
Timing is 8 pm IST (local time 4:30 pm)

The captain of Mumbai Indians team is little master Sachin Tendulkar and the captain of Chennai Super Kings is M S Dhoni. Presence of Sachin Tendulkar gives more possibility for Mumbai Indians to reach the finals. Apart from Sachin, talented bowler Harbajan Singh is also playing in this series for MI.

So this will be a tight competition between MI and CSK.

Mumbai Indians v Chennai Super Kings Live can been seen from cable TV or from Live cricket websites.

Thank you.

Brendon McCullum - Kolkata Knight Riders captain

Sharukh Khan owned cricket team KKR appointed McCullum as captain. Brendon McCullum Kolkata Knight Riders captain is a New Zealand Batsman.

During IPL Season 1 2008, Saurav Ganguly was the team captain. Even though Saurav Ganguly retired from ODI and Test cricket, he is still playing for Twenty20 match DLF IPL.

Last year Brendon McCullum played a remarkable innings for Kolkata Knight Riders. His performance can be the factor for choosing him as captain. Brendon McCullum has the potential for huge strokes, which is the main factor in a T20 match Indian Premier League.

Kolkata Knight Riders will play thier first match on the second day of IPL season 2 against Hyderabad Deccan Chargers. The date is 19 April 2009 and the venue is Cape Town.

Match : KKR vs DC
Date : 19-04-09
Time : 4 pm IST
Venue : Cape Town

Congrats for Brendon McCullum Kolkata Knight Riders captain.

Thank you.

European Champions League Football Semi Final 2009

European Champions League Football semi final 2009 will be on 28 April 2009, 29 April 09 and on May 05 and 6-05-09.

The Champions League football semi finals team consist of Chelsea, Barcelona, Manchester United and Arsenal.

The semi finals are as shown below:

Chelsea x Barcelona
Manchester United x Arsenal

From this European Champions League Football Semi Final 2009 teams Chelsea, Manchester United and Arsenal are from England. The fourth team to reach the semi final is Spanish team Barcelona.

Manchester United reached semi by defeating FC Porto 2-3. Arsenal have beaten Spanish team Villareal 1-4 to get into the European Champions League Football Semi Final 2009.

Earlier Chelsea reached semifinals by defeating Liverpool 5-7.

All football fans are eagerly waiting to know which team will qualify for the finals.

Thank you.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

IPL Timeout

A new system was introduced in DLF IPL with the name IPL Timeout. In normal, IPL matches ends within 3 hours. But with the introduction of IPL Timeout the T20 match time will get 15 minutes more.

What is IPL timeout ?

IPL Timeout is the seven and a half minutes break given after every innings (after 10 overs). Timeout is provided for teams to think about new game plans and tactics. Timeout is compulsory.

During this 7 and half minute timeout, there will be some entertainment at the stadium. It may be dance by cheer girls or something else.

On this time sponsors will be using TV broadcast. The development of team's game plan or tactics will be shown at remaining time of time out.

The Indian Premier League IPL timeout system will give some time for the sponsors to broadcast on the TV.

Thank you.

India - LS Election 2009 Polling percentage

As the first phase of Lok Sabha Election 2009 has been completed, the tentative (not final) polling percentage have been reported by some media's. This is not the final figure of 1st phase LS Election 2009 polling percentage and it will vary.

The first phase Lok Sabha Election 09 was conducted at different states and the tentative (not final) polling percentage are as follows:
(According to local media reports)
Kerala above or around 68 % polling, Assam 62 % polling, Bihar 46 %, Jammu & Kashmir 48 % polling , Manipur 66 to 68 %, Meghalaya 65 % Mizoram 62 %, Nagaland 84 %, Orissa 53 %, Uttar Pradesh 48 to 50 %, Jharkhand 50 %, Andaman & Nicobar 62 %, Lakshadweep 86 %, Chatisgad 51 %, Andhra Pradesh 65 %.

In Kerala the tentative (not final) polling percentage in 20 assembly constituency are as follows:

Thiruvananthapuram TVM 57 %, Attingal 62 %, Kollam 67 %, Pattanamtitta 64 %, Mavelikara 69 %, Alappuzha 76 %, Kottayam 70 %, Idukki 70 %, Ernakulam 64 % Chalakudy 70 %, Thrissur 70 %, Palakkad 58 %, Alathur 75 %, Ponnani 65 %, Malappuram 64 %, Kozhikode 70 %, Wayanad 74 %, Vadakara 63 %, Kannur 75 %, Kasargod 64 %.

In Kerala, Trivandrum reported as assembly constituency with lowest polling percentage. Counting of votes will be on 16 May 2009.

The above values may or may not change. The above values are as per reports published on local news media's.

Thank you.

Rajasthan Royals vs Bangalore Royal Challengers Cape Town

Rajasthan Royals vs Bangalore Royal Challengers at Cape Town, South Africa will be the opening match of the Indian Premier League. DLF IPL Season 2 2009 T20 cricket match will start from 18th April 2009.

In the first day ie, 18 April 2009 there will be double header (two games instead of one). In the first Twenty20 cricket match Rajasthan Royals (RR) will play against Bangalore Royal Challengers (RCB) at Cape Town. In the second Twenty20 cricket match Mumbai Indians (MI) will take on Chennai Super Kings (CSK).

The venue of IPL Season 2 2009 opening match is the Newlands stadium, Cape Town, South Africa.

Rajasthan Royals vs Bangalore Royal Challengers Cape Town will start at 4 PM Indian Standard Time (IST), 12.30 pm local time, SA.

The schedule of Rajasthan Royals vs Bangalore Royal Challengers Cape Town is :
Date: 18-04-09
Venue: The Newlands Stadium, Cape Town
Cricket Match Time: 4 pm IST

Live telecast of DLF IPL Season 2 2009 T20 cricket match can be seen from TV using cable connection or with help of dish antenna. Video, photos, images, pics and wallpapers can be downloaded from sports websites related to cricket.

Thank you.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Angelina Jolie Voted most Beautiful Woman - Vanity Fair Poll

Angelina Jolie voted most beautiful woman in a poll conducted by Vanity Fair Poll. Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie has been selected as the most beautiful woman in the world. The survey poll was conducted at website.

At Vanity fair poll survey, Angelina Jolie got 58 % of votes. Supermodel Gisele Bundchen came on second position with 9 % votes in the online poll. Third place is won by Halle Berry with four per cent votes.

Angelina Jolie voted most beautiful woman in the world from among a list of nineteen famous ladies.

The other ladies who was in the online poll are Penelope Cruz ( 3% votes), Scarlett Johansson ( 3% votes), Jennifer Connelly ( 3% votes), Bar Refaeli ( 3% votes), Queen Rania of Jordan ( 3% votes), Freida Pinto - Slumdog Millionaire actress ( 2% votes), Catherine Deneuve ( 2% votes), Natalia Vodianova ( 2% votes), Ziyi Zhang ( 2% votes) etc etc..... Refer website for more details.

Congrats for Angelina Jolie to win Vanity Fair Poll most beautiful woman title.

Thank you.

A R Rahman live Concert Jai Ho - Kozhikode

A R Rahman live Concert Jai Ho Kozhikode Kerala will be on 3rd May 2009. The live in concert Jai Ho will start from 7 PM onwards according to the news displayed on newspapers.

The ticket sale for A R Rahman live Concert Jai Ho Kozhikode Kerala have been started. Cost of tickets are as shown below :

Patron circle ticket - Rs 25000
Doner circe ticket - Rs 15000
Platinum circe ticket - Rs 10000
Diamond circle ticket - Rs 5000
Golden circe ticket - Rs 2000
Grand stand ticket - Rs 1000
Gallery ticket - Rs 500

Heard Oscar Winner A R Rahman (ARR) will be performing at Kozhikode Corporation Stadium at this musical extravagence. The venue of Jai Ho event is Corporation Stadium, Kozhikode (Calicut).

A R Rahmaan got Oscar award during 2009 for music in the film Slumdog Millionaire.

The inauguration of Keraleeyam A R Rahman JaiHo musical event ticket sales was done by film actor Suresh Gopi at Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.

Video, pics, images and wallpapers can be viewed from music related websites.

Thank You.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Solar Cell hobby project

The best hobby project to select is Solar Cell hobby project. As solar cell produce free electricity its good to design a solar electronic project.

Solar cells cost is little bit high. So its recomended to buy small watts solar panels for hobby projects (10 W or 20 W). How to make solar cell ? You can buy solar scraps at cheap price and can tab it if the cells are untabbed. So such cells can be called homemade solar cell.

Solar energy can be used to light a lamp (bulb), run motor, fan, radio, LED etc. So you can buy an appropriate solar cell kit to start with. Solar panels or kit can be bought from solar dealers. There are different types of cells of solar cell manufacturers.

After you buy a solar panel you can find two wires in that solar panel, one red and one black. The red wire is positive and black wire is negative. You can check the voltage and current of that solar panel with the help of a multimeter.

The first solar cell hobby project is to make a bulb glow, put the solar panel in sunlight and connect the positive and negative leads comming from solar panel to the bulb. You can see that the bulb is glowing. Take 1.5 Volt dc bulb to do this project. Try to draw circuit diagram first.

The second solar cell hobby project is making a solar radio. To do this take a radio which operates on battery. Remove that battery and connect the postive and negative of solar panel to positive and negative of the radio. Now you will notice that the radio is working. Select 3V dc radio to do this hobby project.

Similarly you can make solar cell fan, solar cell FM radio, solar cell motor etc.

Thank you.

Wax Statue of Sachin Tendulkar at Tussauds

Wax statue of Sachin Tendulkar has been revealed at Mumbai on Monday by little master Sachin Tendulkar. Sachin's wax statue will be placed at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, London.

This is the first time a wax statue of a person is unveiled at India. And this is the first wax statue of an Indian player in Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, London.

Amitabh Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai, Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan are other Indians whos wax figure are there at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum.

Shane Warne and Brian Lara are the other cricketers whos wax figure is displayed at Madame Tussauds. So Sachin is the third cricket player with his wax statue at London.

Sachin's wife Anjali, son Arjun and daughter Sara attended the function.
Little master Sachin Tendulkar's wax figure is wearing a white cricket Jersey, having MRF bat on right hand and a helmet on left hand.

Photos, pics, wallpapers and video of Wax Statue of Sachin Tendulkar unveiling can be viewed from sports websites.

Thank you.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Home Computer repair - Computer troubleshooting

All of our computer will get damaged frequently. So we should know some basic computer troubleshooting. Home computer repair is good for small troubles of PC.

The basic parts of a computer are monitor, motherboard, SMPS, processor, daughter board, newtwork cards, RAM, CMOS battery, hard disk, buses (cables), keyboard, mouse, UPS and modem. So these components will face damage as they are electronic components.

If we know some home computer repair we can troubleshoot small problems very easily. This will help to save money given for computer technician.

Some basic trouble-shooting :

Symptom : Long beep sound heard while starting computer and OS is not loading. Problem: Your RAM is damaged. So buy a RAM either D RAM or SD RAM after checking the slot in your motherboard and install new RAM.

Symptom: No display. Problem: Your monitor may be switched off or brightness or contrast may be set low. Also check the external cable which connects your monitor and CPU.

Symptom : Operating system OS not comming (loading). Problem: Your Operating system OS may be damaged due to improper shutdown or due to missing of some files. Please re install your OS. Another problem can be your hard disk damage.

Symptom: Huge sound comming from CPU. Problem: Your cabinet cooling fan may be making that huge noise while working. Try to replace that bad cooling fan with a good one.

There are some computer troubleshooting flowcharts available at computer repair shops which can be refered while assembling or repairing a system. If you have hard disk problem then its difficult to recover files from damaged harddisk (HD). So its not economical doing hard disk drive troubleshooting.

Sometimes there will be problem in computer booting. So computer boot troubleshooting can be done by pressing delete button while restarting PC and providing appropriate settings in BIOS.

As from past days some pc repair software is available in the market. So you can do home computer repair and computer troubleshooting with help of such software.

Thank you.

Roger Federer married Miroslava Mirka Vavrinec

World Tennis number 2 Roger Federer married Miroslava Mirka Vavrinec on Saturday at Switzerland. Wedding was at Basel in presence of friends and family.

27 year old Roger Federer and his girlfriend Mirka Vavrinec thus got married.
Miroslava Mirka Vavrinec is a former Tennis player.

Roger Federer announced his marriage at his website. Here i have coated the announcement on Roger Federer's Website ( :

" Dear Fans
Earlier today, in my hometown of Basel, surrounded by a small group of close friends and family, Mirka and I got married. It was a beautiful spring day and an incredibly joyous occasion.
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Federer wish all of you a Happy Easter weekend.
Roger "

Thus Roger Federer married Miroslava Mirka Vavrinec and this will be a great news for all Roger Federer fans and Tennis lovers. Anyhow best wishes for Roger Federer Mirka Vavrinec couples.

Photos, wallpapers, video, pics etc can be viewed from other websites.
[News courtesy: Local news paper]

Thank you.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

India win Azlan Shah Cup hockey title

India win Azlan Shah Cup hockey title by defeating Malaysia 3 - 1 in the finals. This is India's 4th Azlan Shah hockey cup victory.

This is India's fourth cup victory after 13 years. India won Sultan Azlan Shah Cup title last time at 1995.

For India the three goals were scored by Shivender Singh, Prabhjot Singh and Arjun Halappa.

India beat Pakistan on saturday by 2 -1 to reach final of Azlan Shah Cup hockey.

This hockey victory may give interest for young generation who is much more interested in Cricket and Football. More people of India gives privilage to cricket and watch cricket. But the fact is that Indian national game is hockey, not cricket.

Even Live telecast goes on tv only for cricket. But there are good number of people who enjoys hockey.

Anyhow India win Azlan Shah Cup hockey title again at 2009.

Thank you.

How to apply for Job Online - Application submission

Apart from old days job application are submitted through online now a days. But some people who dont know to use a computer get confused with the question how to apply for job online.

Online job application submission are now favoured for Bank PO probationary officer, bank clerk, lower division clerk (LDC), Engineer vacancy, teaching jobs, IT jobs and in some government sector Jobs.

So the people who have trouble can go to an internet cafe and ask the help of cafe operator to submit online application. The online application submission feature will be provided in the website of job providing company or organization.

If the job providing company asks for money (Fees) in the form of Demand Draft (DD), you should take the DD before starting online application submittion. On the application form there will be fields to fill details like Branch code number, Transaction code, DD number etc.So take DD first and then start to submit.

On the online application form there will be fields to fill your name, address, phone number, caste, religion, permanent address, reservation(OBC / SC / ST), physically handicapped, qualification, age, gender etc. Fill all filelds carefully and submit. Some online forms will set a time limit like 5 minutes or 10 minutes to submit the form.

In some online forms, after submission of application you will get an option to take print out of recipt. So you have to send this print out and copies of your mark list, age relaxation details, reservation certificate, experince certificate etc to the prescribed address if specified in the notification.

Hope this how to apply for job online tutorial helped to relive your confusion.

Thank you.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Kerala PSC Exam study material - Rank File

The hope of young generation people of Kerala is a Government job. So we appear for PSC test with the help of Kerala PSC exam study material rank file and guides.

There are a lot of people applying for LD clerk (Lower division clerk) in Kerala. As the qualification required for LD clerk is 10th standard more people will apply for this post.

This situation will result in tight competition for LD Clerk vacancy. To get a good rank in the ranklist people will study for PSC test with the help of rankfile, PSC guides and other study material.

Kerala PSC (Public Service Commission) and UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) invites application for several and various posts. To prepare for these exam there are crash courses and Tuition conducted by different tutorial colleges. But the fee is little high for attending such intensive crash coaching.

The other method of getting good rank in PSC Exam is by collecting notes, study material from internet, ie tutorials and notes (pdf format). With the help of these tutorials you can score a high mark in Public Service Commission or Union Public Service Commission examination.

There is also postal coaching and training conducted by some institution. So they will help you to prepere for examination by providing you with study materials by post.

To acquire a good rank its better to learn with Kerala PSC Exam study material Rank File and guide.

Thank you.

Indian Oil Corporation IOC 77 Engineer Vacancy

As per Job newspaper, Indian Oil Corporation IOC have invited application for recruitment of engineer's. As per the report, there are 77 Engineer Vacancy at Indian Oil Corporation IOC Panipat Refinery.

Applications are invited for the post of :

Junior Engineering Assistant IV : Number of vacancy 35. For Qualification and related requirements refer some Job related websites.

Junior Quality control analyst IV : 2 vacancy

Junior Engineer Assistant IV : 7 vacancy

Junior Engineering Assistant IV : Number of vacancy is 8

Junior Engineering assistant V : 25 vacancy

Application can be downloaded from website "".

Last date to apply for Indian Oil Corporation IOC Engineer vacancy is 27 April 2009.

For more details refer local Job news papers. News courtesy : local news paper.

Thank you.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Amrita TV Super Star Junior 2 grand finale

Amrita TV Super Star Junior 2 grand finale will be on 11 April 2009. The 3 finalists of this reality show are Parvathy Jayan, Anwar and Shahafaz Ibi. The grand Finale show will be shown live at Amrita TV from 6:30 PM on saturday, as per show in TV.

SMS votes are also considered to deside the winner of Super Star Junior - 2. So like other reality shows, SMS votes will play a key role in deciding the winner.

The Reality Show Super Star Junior is ment for Kids. The first edition of Super Star Seniors wrote a history in the world of reality shows. Other shows like Vanitha Rathnam, Citizen Journalist, Raga Rethnam and Super Dancers made Amrita TV popular among reality show viewers.

The Amrita TV Super Star Junior 2 grand finale will take place Live at Thiruvananthapuram on Saturday. During the last elimination round on 6 April 2009 the two contestants Anaka and Sreekanth were eliminated. So Anwer, Parvathi and Shahafaz Ibi reached Amrita TV Super Star Junior 2 grand finale.

The Finals will contain three rounds like Semi Classical round, Medley round and Performance round.

Lets wait and see who will win Super Star Junior title.

[ NB: News collected from Local Media. Please pardon if there is some mistake.]

Thank You.

Vishu Wallpaper and Vishu Greetings

Every year on 14th April people of Kerala celebrates Vishu. Vishu is a festival of Kerala people. During this time we exchange Vishu wallpaper and greetings.

Greeting Cards are given to convery our affection and love for others. There is a custom of giving vishu kaineettam. So we can also give vishu wallpapers and greetings as kaineetum. Usually coins or new dress is presented as kai neetum.

The main attraction of this day is vishu kani. Kani Konna is the main part of kani. Kani Konna is a tree which is having nice looking yellow flowers.

The below is a Free Greeting card which you can send to your friends, family and lovers as email or as ecard. You can also use it in orkut scrap. This is not a malayalam card.

During vishu we change our computer wallpapers. This picture can also be used as desktop wallpaper or mobile wallpaper.

Free Vishu wallpaper and Vishu greetings

Thank You.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Predict who will win IPL Season 2 2009

IPL Season 2 2009 is starting from 18th April 2009 at South Africa. As per last year performance and from current form of players we can predict who will win IPL Season 2 2009.

From the following IPL Teams you can predict the winner of IPL T20 Match. Let us find the winner of second edition of DLF Indian Premier League Twenty 20 Trophy.

Teams are:

Rajasthan Royals

Kolkata Knight Riders

Hyderabad Deccan Chargers

Bangalore Royal Challengers

Delhi Daredevils

Mumbai Indian

Chennai Super Kings

Kings XI Punjab

Please vote for your favourite team by a comment and predict who will win IPL Season 2 2009. But you have to wait till finals of the match to know that your prediction is right or wrong.

Thank You.

Hobby Electronic Projects

Another vacation time for students and for boys and girls is approaching. You can spend your leisure time with hobby electronic projects.

There are hobby kits available in the market. Buying such electronics kits are expensive. So you can collect required components from local locality itself.

This time try to make make some renewable energy electronic device as we have celebrated Earth hour 2009 this year. I would suggest to make some gadget with Solar Energy (solar cell) like solar fan, solar radio, solar tv, solar light, cooker, water heater etc.

Its also good to assemble a computer as a part of hobby electronic project. Just buy motherboard, SMPS, cables, hard disk, cabinet, monitor and keyboard and assemble a pc at home.

Another project which we can do is winding a motor. There is only need of a coil and a battery to make a dc motor. Its also an easy job to make an FM Radio or an FM Transmitter.

While doing hobby electronic projects avoid AC. Its dangerous to play with Alternating Current. So experts advice to create devices which works on DC (Direct Current) which is safe.

Thank You.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

ICICI Bank Recruiting Probationary Officer PO

According to Job Newspaper, ICICI Bank is recruiting Probationary Officer ( PO ). Candidates having a degree can apply for this vacancy.

The applicant should have 55 % mark for Degree. Degree can be in any subject.

As per Job newspaper report, the training period is one year. There is stipend during training period of Probationary Officer PO.

Those who complete training sucessfully will get the post of Assistant Manager.

Submission of application is by online. Applications and more details of Probationary Officer recruitment can be obtained from ICICI Bank website "".

Last date for applying is 20 April 2009.

[Job News courtesy: Local Employment Weekly]

Thank You.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Shoe thrown at Home Minister P Chidambaram

Today at 7 April 2009 at a press conference in New Delhi a Journalist has thrown a shoe at Home Minister P Chidambaram. Luckly the shoe havn't hitted Home Misister P Chidambaram.

Last year 2008 a shoe was thrown at American president George W. Bush. This insident, ie Shoe thrown at Home Minister P Chidambaram resembles last years shoe attack on US presedent Bush at Iraq by an Iraq Journalist.

The person who had thrown shoe is a Journalist named Jarnail Singh. He is working for a Hindi daily.

If the media people starts like this what will be the scope of press conference?. Simply throwing shoes at political leaders? Throwing shoes wont be considered good according to Indian Culture.

Here the people throwing shoes are rewarded with prizes. This can result in more shoe attacks, as a single shoe throwing can give popularity, fame and money.

Video and images or photos of this shoe attack can be viewed from other websites.

Thank You.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Rahul Dravid - Highest catch taker in Cricket world Record

Indian Cricket player Rahul Dravid got the world record of highest catch taker in Cricket. Rahul Dravid achived this world record in Test match against New Zealand at Wellington.

Rahul Dravid crossed the record of Australian Cricket player Mark Waugh, ie 181 catches. Rahul Dravid got the world record of highest catch taker in Cricket with his 182nd catch.

In the 3rd Test match against New Zealand at Wellington, Dravid took the catch of Tim McIntosh and that was his 182 catch in test cricket. The bowler was Zaheer Khan.

The other cricketers who have catches nearby Dravid are Mark Waugh with 181 catches, Ricky Ponting having 148 catches, Jacques Kallis and Jayawardene with 147 and 142 catch respectively.

Rahul Dravid, the Wall Of Indian Cricket was the previous Indian Cricket Team captian. Now the captian is MS Dhoni.

Thank You.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Pooja Chopra - Pantaloons Femina Miss India World 2009

Pooja Chopra wins Pantaloons Femina Miss India 2009. Ekta Choudhury became Miss India Universe 2009 and Shriya Kishore won Miss India Earth 2009 title.

The Grand finale of Pantaloons Femina Miss India 2009 beauty contest held at Mumbai on 5th April 2009 at Andheri Sports Complex on Sunday evening selected Pooja Chopra as Miss India World 09.

Pooja Chopra (age: 23) is from pune, Ekta Chaudhary is from Delhi and Shriya Kishore is from Mumbai.

Pooja Chopra is 23 year old. Her height is 5′8″ and weight is 50 Kg.

PFMI 2009 beauty contest was judged by famous bollywood actress Asin, Deepika Padukone, Susmitha Sen and bollywood actor Ajay Devgan.

Last year 2008 miss world was Kerala's own Parvathi Omannakuttan. Parvathi Omannakuttan is the Miss World first runner-up.

To download wallpaper, images, pics, stills and photos please visit film websites.

Congrats for Pooja Chopra to become Pantaloons Femina Miss India World 2009 (PFMI World 2009 ).

Thank You.

Live IPL Season 2 2009 cricket score card

Indian Cricket lovers loves Twenty20 game IPL Indian Premier League. As IPL is full of energy, youngsters are more attracted towards this game. More people will be waiting to see live IPL Season 2 2009 cricket score card and deside who will win DLF IPL 2009.

But now the IPL cricket is conducted at South Africa. So some people cannot go and watch the cricket match live from stadium. So more people will depend on live IPL Season 2 2009 cricket score card.

You can also watch Indian Premier League live through Television (TV). But some people will not have cable connection or dish antenna at home. So such people can watch scoreboard through different cricket websites.

As IPL is a 20-20 game, the match will end within two hours. There is only 20 overs. So the result can be known quikly.

During this season our favourite teams Bangalore Royal Challengers, Chennai Super Kings, Delhi Daredevils, Hyderabad Deccan Chargers, Kolkata Knight Riders, Kings XI Punjab, Mumbai Indians and Rajasthan Royals are competing for IPL Cup.

Who will win? Will there be Cheer Girls during this Season ?. Lets see.

Thank You.

Online Medical Transcription Training

Medical Transcription (MT) is the process of Transcribing audio files into text files. This process needs training and coaching. This can be done by online Medical Transcription Training and by offline.

Some people does home based medical Transcription job. To do home based job, they will study how to become transcriptionist with help of some study materials and tutorials (notes, e-books and pdf).

The same contents can be studied from online medical transcription training. There are some websites which provive online tuitions for MT. They will also charge some low fees.

MT is a good field for housewifes and for ladies. They can earn money by doing MT as a part time job or full time job.

For becoming a good transcriptionist you should have good typing speed, ie keyboard skill. You should type without looking into keyboard. The second thing you should study is medical terminology and human body parts.

Trained people will get job as Medical Transcriptionist, Legal Transcriptionist and Business Transcriptionist. You can also work in medical coding and billing sectors.

Thank you.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Free Home Tuition - Tution

Students who studies in school and colleges need Tuition for scoring high marks. So they opt for home tuition. But the fees of home based tution is very high. So why caunt we think about a free home tuition concept.

There is free software foundation. Like that those who like to take tution for free can join and create a free tuition foundation. Those students who like to grasp knowledge will be benefitted by this concept.

There will be travelling expense for Tuition Teacher. So atleast the student should provide bus fair for the teaching person. Free home tuition should be supported by students and by the society.

More students looks for tutions for tough subjects like mathematics, science (physics, chemistry, biology), computer - IT , history, geography, spoken english, electronics and for graphics. So graduate people should come up to teach these required students.

At school or college the faculty cannot concentrate on each and every student separately. So at home a tuitions sir or tution teacher can mingle with the student well and can identify the lad's problems.

Some parents give more preference for female home tution teacher, as they will care the kids more.

As the kids are future citizens, they should be given adequate education.

Thank You.

United bank of India recruitment Probationary Officer - Clerk

According to Job news paper, United bank of India is conducting recruitment for the post of Probationary Officer and Probationary Clerk. There is 900 vacancies for probationary officers and 500 vacancies for probationary clerk.

Those who have Degree can apply for the post of Probationary Officer and those who have +2 (Higher Secondary) qualification can apply for Probationary cash cum general Clerk.

The mode of submission of application is by online. Online application can be done by website: "".

Exam date of Probationary officer is on 21 June 2009. The date of probationary clerk examination is 28 June 2009.

United Bank of India is also recruiting people for the post of Chartered Accountant ( 40 Vacancies), Law Officer (15 vacancy), HR (15 vacancy), Official Language (12 vacancy) etc.etc..

Refer Job News Paper for more details.

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Friday, April 3, 2009

IPL Tickets at

IPL Season 2 tickets can be bought from website DLF IPL 2009(Indian Premier League) announced the sale of online tickets through

News is there that Tickets of first matches have been sold out even at the first day itself.

The Ticket Price for Double Header at Cape Town on April 18 are priced between 50 Rands for Students to 150/250 Rands for the Grand Stands.(Rands are the basic unit of money in South Africa equal to 100 cents represented by R)

The IPL 2009 will start on 18 April 2009 with an opening match between Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings. After that Rajasthan Royals vs Bangalore Royal Challengers Match will be there. So the opening ceremony will be very attractive.

Twenty20 Match IPL 2009 will be conducted at South Africa. Earlier the venue of IPL Season 2 was shifted from India to South Africa.

The IPL Team includes Kolkatta Knight Riders, King X1 Punjab, Delhi Dare Devils, Mumbai Indians, Banglore Royal Challengers, Rajasthan Royals and Chennai super kings.

Wish everyone can buy a Ticket to Watch IPL Live.

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Malayalam Font Software

We have all Windows applications in English. All process we do in our computer is completly based on English language. By installing malayalam font software, we can read malayalam websites, malayalam word files (stories) and malayalam pdf files.

Instead of download malayalam font and copy pasting it to Fonts folder, malayalam font software helps to install font in our computer just by clicking a button.

When we install this software, malayalam language will automatically get added to our computers language.

So when we open a website designed in malayalam font, it can be read easily. Example Orkut in malayalam.

But the font for different sites will be different. The fonts will be available to download in that site itself. There will be a download option in every mallu malayalam website to download font.

When we download malayalam stories to our computer, we cannot read it first. Then after we install required font software we can read word files.

But for pdf files there is no need of regional fonts. Pdf formats are similar to image files.

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BSNL JTO 2009 Study Materials - Tutorials

As all of us have applied for JTO 2009 Examination, we have to prepare for Exams. So we can study for BSNL JTO 2009 Exam with help of study materials and Tutorials.

The exam of JTO 2009 - Juniour Telecom Officer is All India based on 21 June 2009. So we can study for examination with Online Guides, Tutorials, correspondence course, online pdf books, crash course etc.

The best way to learn is by referring previous years questions. JTO previous year questions and question bank can be bought from nearby shops. You can refer syllabus and prepare for JTO Civil, Electrical, Telecom Exams by yourselves.

If you join some crash courses then they will provide BSNL JTO 2009 Study Materials. You can aslo download free Tutorials ( pdf format ) from internet.

The rate or fees of Training by some institutions are so high that common poor people caunt join that courses. Even the Fee of JTO exam ie 750 Rs is too high for comon people.

From Job News paper its clear that there is 3945 vacancies. There are special reservation for OBC, SC, ST, Physically Handicapped and for Ex servicemen.

So applicants from General category should study well with help of good Rank Files to get Job. Be prepared by Training and through Tuitions.

Wish all who attempt examinations may get a Job.

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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mobile FM radio software

All latest mobilephones have mobile FM radio software. But in some old models there is no FM radio software. So such mobile handsets are usually replaced or sold by owners.

But is some middle class cellphones there is a provision to upgrade softwares. In such phones software can be changed or added. So in such handset model we can add mobile FM radio software.

There are different types of radio fm softwares, like Java applications (.jar,.jad) , .net applications etc. So you have to download such Java or .NET FM mobile application to your computer and should upload it to your handheld device like mobile, PDA, iPhone, ipod etc.

To do this you should have a data cable or bluetooth or Infrared (IR). Then only you can transfer software from computer to mobilephone. Then install that radio application on your cellphone. After installation you can tune and hear desired radio channel.

You can also listen to online radio channel if you have GPRS enabled by your mobile operator. If so, you can enjoy streaming radio stations.

All common mobile models like Nokia, Sony ericsson, Motorola, Samsung, Blackberry, Symbian and Pocket Pc have mobile FM radio software. So if you like to hear FM radio then buy a set with radio application.

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Opinion Poll and Survey Election 2009

Most Election will contain Opinion Poll and Survey. Similarly Election 2009 will also consist of Openion Polls and Surveys. Opinion Poll is the collection of opinion of the public people.

Survey is the process of collection details from people. So a small number of people will be considered for survey. By analysing this survey result the trend is calculated.

Opinion poll result is also calculated by collecting opinion from a small set of people. This opinion is then examined to find opinion poll results.

Some websites and popular TV channels conducts opinion poll and surveys. They will collect information from their viewers by sms or by contacting them directly or by email.

These terms comes up with association with Elections. So in 2009 there are so many elections. So for Elections 2009, there will be this types of surveys and polls conducted by different medias.

The result of such openion polls and surveys can be accurate or can be wrong. In an election people desides by vote, not media. So the result can also be wrong.

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

How to install plugins - Wordpress

Plugins are new features which can be plugged (added) in to a software or a website. So here we will look into the tutorial, how to install plugins wordpress.

We all have wordpress blog's. So we want to add new features to our Wordpress Site. So we have to install Wordpress plugins.

I think we cannot install plugins on Free Wordpress Blog's. So we have to update or upgrade to payed version.

So to install a plugin you have to search and find required plugin.

Second step is to upload your plugin into your Control panel.

So you have now sucessfully installed plugin to your wordpress blog or website.

You can download required addons from so many online websites. These websites provides free themes, widgets and some other website contents. You can find these free content websites by searching on Google or in Yahoo.

Hope this how to install plugins Wordpress tutorial helped you.

Thank You.

How to avoid Shivering of Hands

More people have Shivering Hands. This is mostly because of Tension. More Nervous people will be more concious about what they do. The result is Shivering of Hands.

To avoid this problem, you have to be more bold. Dont think about others and what they think about you.

Some people will have some disease which will result in this problem. That can be cured by consulting a doctor.

But some people will be oversensitive to matters and they will start shivaring quickly when they have tension.

Just Relax for sometime and make up your mind to face all situations in your life.

More soft hearted people have this problem. Hard Hearted people will be bold at every time.

I advise guys or girls with this problem should concentrate more on their mind health by doing yoga and other exersises.

Thank You.

Sample Privacy Policy - Dart Cookie

As per Google Notification every google adsense publishers should update privacy policy within 8th April 2009. So here i present a Sample Privacy Policy - Dart Cookie so that webmasters and blog owners can refer the format and create Privacy Policy.

DoubleClick DART Cookie is a cookie stored in clients computer to identify the interest of Browsers (Users). As google adsense plans to display interest based advertisements (ads), a cookie named Dart cookie will be stored on user PC.

So you have to notify this matter on your Website or Blog. So you need to update or create privacy policy.

Please refer Privacy policy of this website as Sample.

You can modify the contents of privacy policy of this website and include in your website, blog, blogger, blogspot, wordpress etc.

I dont know adding privacy policy is mandatory or not, but adding privacy policy to website or blogspot will give a professional look for your site or Blogger or wordpress blog.

Thank You.