Wednesday, September 30, 2009

ICC Champions Trophy Semifinals 2009

ICC Champions Trophy Semifinals will start on 2nd October 2009. The teams who entered the semifinals are :-

Pakistan and
New Zealand.

Australia x England ICC Champions Trophy Semifinals will took place on 02/10/2009 & Pakistan x New Zealand semi will occur on Saturday ie 3rd October 2009.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

How to earn by buying cows

Cows are big source of income. Milk produced by cows are costly. So if you sell milk of cows then you can become rich easily.

For that you have to buy good cows. Hybrid cows are now available which generates literes of milk.

Cows are easy to tame and they are human friendly. They also need only a little food. Usually the waste from kitchen like vegetable waste can be given to cow as food.

So cow becomes a good source of income for your family. So its economical to buy a cow or a number of cows. Hope you understood how to earn by buying cows.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Attending Neighbours marriage during Fever

Its a tough time while we have fever. We caunt attend any functions while we have fever. Big problem arises when their is marriage function at our neighbourhood and we have fever.

We cannot tell others that we have fever. They will tell that fever is a small disease and so you can attend the function. But the person having fever will be in a bad situation and he wont be well to attend any functions.

So we will fall in a big confusion while we have fever.

Attending Neighbours marriage during Fever can we avoided for our good health. Convery your regards by others and try to stay away from the function.