Tuesday, March 31, 2009

How to add Privacy Policy to Blogger Blogspot - Google Adsense

According to information i got, all google adsense publishers should update their website or Blog's Privacy Policy according to the new privacy policy specified by Google Adsense. The main question for all Blog Authors is that - How to add Privacy Policy to Blogger Blogspot ?

There is no Widget in Blogger to add our blogger privacy policy. So Blogspot owners are in great confusion about how to add Google adsense privacy policy to Blogspot.

Here i will tell you a tip to add privacy policy to blogger easily.

Create a Post with title "Privacy Policy".

Write inside that post, the privacy policy of your Blog ( including google adsense new policy specification) ie, DoubleClick DART Cookie.

DoubleClick DART Cookie is used to serve interest based ads on publishers website by google. DoubleClick DART Cookie will be set on clients system and this will track the interest of people and will show google advertisement based on their interest.

Then Publish that post. Create an HTML widget and add link to that post (privacy policy). You have done adding privacy policy to your blog/website.

[ Refer the Privacy policy of my blog if you have any doubts. ]

So as per my knowledge you have to do this before April 8, 2009. So you have to update or create privacy policy page and should add link to that page at footer or anywhere you like.

Thank You.

Free Malayalam Typing Software - DTP

More DTP centers and offices gets malayalam DTP works. But there is only few Free Malayalam Typing Software. More people use Character Map to Type Malayalam. The difficulty of using Character map focus the need of Malayalam Softwares.

The other way of taking malayalam printouts are by installing malayalam Fonts. Just download some malayalam fonts from websites and put it in the Fonts folder of Control Panel (Windows OS not Linux). Then you can acess these malayalam fonts through MS Word or by using notepad / wordpad.

Use a malayalam Keyboard to type malayalam im Word. So installing a font in your PC will help you to type in your local language. Similarly hindi fonts, tamil fonts etc can be installed in your computer and with help of hindi / tamil keyboards you can type in local language.

There is also Arab Keyboards available in the market.

As the task of buying new keyboard is difficult a new free malayalam typing software should be developed with on screen keyboard. More Kerala people promote free software. So some induvidual or local software companies should come up to develop such a software.

Thank You.

Monday, March 30, 2009

O2 Arena Michael Jackson concert tour - London 2009

Michael Jackson is performing his final London Concerts at O2 Arena from 8th July 2009. Ten Concert dates of O2 Arena Michael Jackson concert tour London 2009 have been published and concert starts from Wednesday 8 July 09. Michael Jackson is now 50-year-old.

Michael Jackson’s London O2 Arena concert series is called “This Is It”.

The other dates and time of Michael Jackson's 02 Arena concert tour are: Friday 10 July 2009, Sunday 12 July, Tuesday 14-07-2009, Monday 20-07-2009, Saturday 18-07-09, Wednesday 22-07-009, Friday 24-07-09, Sunday 26-07-2009, Tuesday 28-07-2009. The Ticket sale have been started on March 11. O2 Arena Michael Jackson concert Tickets are priced £50 [ $68.94 ] to £75 [ $103.41 ]. The capacity of Venue is reported as 23000.

Reports are there that Michael Jackson is re learning moonwalking steps. This will be a second comeback for this super dancer.There is also news that Michael Jackson's son may appear at O2 concert.

Heard Michael Jackson will be paid $6 million per show. Hope Mike will comeback to the world of Music through his London Tour 2009. You can buy Tickets from authorised sites. Heard that there are VIP tickets for O2 Arena Michael Jackson Concert.Hope poor people and his Fans will also get tickets at cheap rates to watch the show. I think Tickets can be bought from website " michaeljacksonlive.com ".

Wish O2 Arena Michael Jackson concert tour London 2009 will be a Thriller.

Thank You.

Christian Marriage Cards Example

Christian Marriage have a different pattern from other religion marriages. The wedding cards are also different. You can refer Christian marriage cards example while preparing or designing a wedding card.

Every one tries to make the wordings of card unique. But there are some common patters of wordings.

Including some quotes in Marriage Cards gives more impression for the readers. Try to use good english to specify the matter of the Marriage Card.

The below is a Christian marriage Card Example which can be used as a format to prepare your own wedding card. You can download and take printout of this card.This is a card in printable form.

Christian Marriage Cards Example

Thank You.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Indian face of Barbie Doll - Katrina Kaif Barbie Girl

Indian actress Katrina Kaif will be the new face of a Barbie doll. Katrina Kaif is the first Indian face of Barbie Doll. So it is Katrina Kaif Barbie Girl.

Hope she will be happy to represent such a reputed brand Barbie.

The toy doll is made by Mattel Toys India Pvt. Ltd.

Earlier it was planned, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan to became face of the Indian Barbie doll. But now news came that Katrina Kaif is going to represent Barbie Doll.

News was there that at Lakme Fashion Week - 27th March 2009 Katrina walked the ramp dressed like a Barbie Girl.

The Toy Barby is now 50 years old and is celebrating 50th birthday at 2009.

Photos, pics, images and wallpapers can be downloaded from Bollywood websites.

All kids are fond of Barbie Dolls. So i hope Barby Girl with face of Katrina Kaif will be liked by all kids.

Thank You.

Online job newspaper

Job is a dream of every person. So we search for Job news papers daily. But there is no online job newspaper. There are some job portals which just collects some resume and posts some useless job notifications.

So there should be some websites which publishes useful jobs notifications. There is no use of sites which collects only resumes.

There are some online classifieds which posts some fake jobs. That will be some fake jobs like data entry or word processing. But the truth is that such online works wont pays you.

Some sites should come up to post new government jobs, IT- BPO /Software Jobs, Private sector Jobs etc.

Teaching Jobs are there but the teachers are not payed good from schools. Some schools even gives around 50 $ as salary. How can a person live with this small amount.

As now there is some financial crisis more companies offers lower salary and heavy work. Poor candidates suffer.

The candidates should not agree to work in too low salaries as its not a good policy to work for free. So the scope of online job newspaper is increasing, as it can help pupil to find a desent job.

Thank You.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Free happy birthday wallpaper

Everybody have birthday. So we celebrate our birthday with sweets and cakes and candles. So here i present all who celebrate birthday with a free wallpaper.

This is a free happy birthday wallpaper which can be set as desktop background. You can also send it as picture message to mobilephones.

Birthday is a special day which needs to be celebrated. So always enjoy your birthday.

On that day invite your friends and relatives to your home and cut cakes. Candles should be placed above cakes.

Then Sing - Happy birthday to you , Happy birthday to you , Happy Birthday to my dear ...... HappyBirthday to you.

Download Free happy birthday wallpaper

Thank You.

Friday, March 27, 2009

160 by 2 is 80 ?

What is mathematics rules? Just some built in formula's. How can a person define mathematical equations. There is no proof for this subject.

I totally disagree with these proofs and concepts. So i dislike mathematics.

A simple example : 160/2 = 80.

How it can be true. As zero have no value the answer of 160 by 2 should be 8. But its shown 80.

In the similar way there will be only numbers from 1 to 9. As zero has no value there will be no 10, 100, 200 etc. So 100 is equal to 1 (100 = 1).

Mathematical concepts are totally wrong.

Like that 200x2=400 is also wrong. The answer should be 4 ie 2x2=4.

So friends think about it. We should develop new rules for maths. Just make a new world.

Thank You.

Happy Easter 2009 - Free Greeting Card

Comming April 12 2009 is celebrated as easter all over the world. So here i present you a Happy Easter 2009 Free Greeting Card.

Easter is the Christian celebration of the Resurrection of Christ; celebrated on the Sunday following the first full moon after the vernal equinox. Christ's Resurrection is the rising of Christ on the third day after the Crucifixion.

So we all celebrate easter 2009 with cakes, balloons, new dress, giving greetings, sending wishes etc. So you can send this free greeting card to your family members, friends, wife, children, girl friends, boyfriends, relatives etc. This Free Happy Easter 2009 Greeting card is in printable format.

Happy Easter 2009 Free Greeting Card

You can download and send this Greeting card as Ecard or by any means for free.

Thank You.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Scheduled outage at 4:00PM PDT on Thursday (3/25)

When i opened my Blogger dashboard i saw this message - Scheduled outage at 4:00PM PDT on Thursday (3/25) . I think Blogger is under maintanace. So there is Outage.

But i got tensed when i saw this message first on my dashboard and on my Create Post Section. Then i saw one Learn More link near to this message. That link shows its Maintanace.

Hope Blogger will add some more features. We all Blog users and Blogger Fans are waiting for new features.

Actually Blogger is a platform which help us to express ourself. We all Bloggers use our blogs as a personal diary. So its our expression towards the whole world.

The Features in Blogger like Labels, Blog Archive etc are very good. But we also like to have features like Tag Clouds.

Hope Tag Clouds will be soon added by the authorities.

Thank You.

Malayalam TV Serials - Mega Serial

Malayalam TV Serials have been started long years back. Earlier the Serials contained only 13 Episodes and will be completed or telecasted within one week. But now all are Mega Serials.

Apart from other language Serials Malayalam TV Serials have good quality and story. There are a lot of people who watches Mega Serial daily. This Mega Serials are also know by nick name " Kannuneer Serials". This is because all malayalam tv serial actress make viewers cry.

Now the situation have been changed and the slots of serials have been allotted to Reality Shows.

Some good malayalam Tv Serials which i watch are Ente Maanasa Puthri Serial telecasted on Asianet, Ohm Namashivaya telecated on Amritha TV, Aleelathali on Asianet, Swami ayyappan serial, Alphonsamma, Hello Kuttichatthen, Parijatham, Rahasyam etc etc. From this serials i like Ente Maanasa Puthri Mega Serial most.

During my childhood there was a Manasi Mega Serial by Madhu Mohan. I think Manasi is the first Malayalam Mega serial.

If there is a good story then the viewers will be forced to see Tv. But Reality shows have more popularity in Kerala.

Thank You.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Idea Star Singer Season 4

Which name is better ? Idea Star Singer 2009 or Idea Star Singer Season 4 ? I think Asianet is planning to rename ISS followed by year like 2006, 2007, 2008 to Seasons. So comming is Idea Star Singer Season 4

The Ads shown in Asianet is showing season. So i think ISS like IPL is moving towards seasons. According to me the new title will be good because if year wise is considered then one year's program will extend to next year. Like ISS 08 is going on now at 2009. So there will be confusion for viewers like me, whether ISS 08 or ISS 09.

Hope Season Four of ISS ( ISS Season 4 ) will be rocking like previous episodes. So many malayalies like me from Kerala and abroad is waiting to watch this nice reality show.

Hope there will be Renjini as Anchor and Sharath sir as Judge.

As the main attraction of ISS is above two personalities, i hope they will be retained in the show.

I am sad as power cut is being re implemented after SSLC Examination, there is a chance of missing some contestents performance.

Hope Idea Star Singer Season 4 will be entertaining like previous seasons.

Thank You.

SSLC Exam 2009 Result

As per TV news report, Kerala SSLC Exam 2009 Result will be published by 8 May 2009. Hope all students will get a good result during SSLC Exam 2009.

The Power Cut which was suspended during Kerala SSLC Examination will be re implemented from 26 March 09. So all students would have studied well and would have appeared examination without troubles caused by power cut.

SSLC Examination or Secondary School Leaving Certificate is an important exam and its results will be used to provide admission for +2 or Higher Secondary.

Before SSLC Exam Results are published, students will be in great tension. More tesnsion will be for students who had studied well and appeared for Examination. The student who studied less will not have tension before results. I think there is provision for writing SAY Exam.

So there is no need of worrying. Hope Grading system will help to avoid tensions.

Wish all students who studied in 10th Standard during Acadamic Year 2008 -2009 to get A+ for all subjects and SSLC Exam 2009 Result will give happiness.

News courtesy : Local TV

Thank You.

BackDoor Jobs

Today in Job Field the competition is high. Like wise BackDoor Jobs are also increasing. This results is rejecting eligible candidates and appointing relatives or people with money.

People with no money cannot pay money as bribes for getting a Job. So poor caunt get a job through Backdoor Jobs by paying cash. The rich will get rich again and again and poor will become poor.

Some applicants who havent attended test or interview will get a job if they have influence. They will have political or financial backing which will be used to get acess to a seat. Backdoor Jobs are now common in Government jobs too.

In some IT companies too this back door system exists. They will appoint their relatives when a vaccuncy comes. Some HR Managers will also collect money for selecting people in a Software or in BPO firms. So Freshers cannot get a job.

The same situation persists in some public sector offices too.

Heard that there are agents who arranges back door jobs.

So what will middile class or poor people do? They too need a Job.

Hope this situation wont affect the social equality.

Thank You.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Exit Poll 2009 - Lok Sabha Election

Exit Poll 2009 is allowed or not? As Exit Polls can affect or influence voters most political parties are against Exit Poll 2009. The upcomming election is Lok Sabha Election 2009.

Lok Sabha Election 2009 will start on April 16. So its better to know Election Result after counting of votes than conducting Opinion Poll. Before that some media may conduct Exit Polls. But this cannot cover openion of all people.

More TV channels and News papers are intrested in this kind of polls. They cannot wait till polling ends. But if some TV channel announces the Exit Poll as one party will win, then people will get influenced in that news and will vote for that party. This is not fair.

Polling is a process by whole people of a country. It cannot be desided by just conducting a small survey and considering a small number of people.

LokSabha Election 2009 will be conducted in 5 phases. Counting of Polls will be on 16 May 09.

Hope there will be no Exit Poll 2009 for Lok Sabha Election 2009.

Thank You.

Absence - Sample leave letter pattern

There are some rules to write a leave letter. Here i present an absence sample leave letter pattern which can be refered to write a leave letter to teacher or leave letter to company officials or office etc.

This sample leave letter pattern can be used to write letter for leave for diseases like fever, headache, stomach pain, backpain, cold and cough etc and functions like Attending Marriage, Exams, party, missed bus etc.

Absence Sample Leave Letter Pattern

Post Office,Pincode.

The Officer or Teacher,

Respected Sir / Madam,

As i am suffering from fever / have to attend a Function (function name if you are attending a function) I am unable to attend the Class / Office. So i humbly request you to kindly grant me leave for 2 days from today.

Place: Yours obediently,
Date: Signature,

Thank You.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Tata Nano Booking from 9 April 2009

The Peoples Car Tata Nano Booking starts from 9 April 2009. The cost of Tata Nano Car is 1 lakh. You can participate in Booking by just paying Rs 2999. The rest amount will be allotted as loans by some banks.

Tata Nano Car will be sold to around 100000 buyers at first phase. The 1 lakh buyers will be selected by draw of lots. So some lucky people who booked nano will get it. So you can start from booking date 9 April 2009.

The Cost of Car is 1 lakh Rupee. But the On-Road price will be around 1.30 Lakh.

Tata Nano will be displayed in Tata Nano Showrooms from April. So you can go and see 1 lakh car.

Delivery of first booked cars will be on July 2009. So many Banks are providing loans to buy Nano. Banks like SBI and other public sector banks are providing loans to buy this small car.

I dont know how to book Tata Nano car weather through online booking or get booked from showroom.

Hope every one can buy this small cute car.

Thank You.

Australian F1 Grand Prix 2009 - Melbourne

Australian F1 Grand Prix 2009 will be held between 27 March 2009 and 29 March 2009 at Melbourne. Race Venue Melbourne is the capital of Victoria state and its the 2nd largest Australian city.

Hope new Rules system of Formula 1 F1 will be applicable at Australian Grand Prix 2009. So the driver with most race wins will be the champion. Earlier points system was used to find the champion during a season.

Australian Grand Prix Practice will start on Friday 27-03-09. There will be two practices - Practice 1 and Practice 2 on the same date. The time will be 01: 30-03:00 GMT and 05:30-07:00 GMT.

The Practice 3 will continue on Saturday between 03:00-04:00 GMT.

The Qualifying Race will be also on Saturday at 06:00 GMT.

Australian F1 Grand Prix 2009 Race will be conducted on 29-03-2009. Number of Laps will be 58. Circuit Length is 5.303 KM. Race distance of Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix Melbourne is 307.574 KM.

Lets wait and see which driver will break the Lap record set by Michael Schumacher at 2004. Hope all Formula1 Fan will get a Ticket to see Race Live.

Thank You.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mallu Blogspot Com

Most mallu people writes blog nowadays. So Mallu is used to Blog's and Blogspot. So there are a lots of Mallu Blogspot Com.

Some Mallu people have registered a domain name .com for their Blogspot. This will help to avoid long blog names and to select a desired Blogspot name.

Now registering domain names is very cheap. One can buy a Com domain name for around 6 Dollars per year. .Com domain name is more expensive comapired to .co.in or co.uk.

Blogspot provides free Space to store files and images and webpages. So no need of buying a space to store file. Only you need is a short domain name or URL.

Just Redirect your registered domain name to your Blog subdomain URL. Thus when you type your .com you will get your blogspot opened.

Mallu Blogspot is increasing day by day. So many Malayali Boys, Girl, Uncles, Aunty etc have now started writing Blogs.

Hope 100 % literate Malayali people will spread their knowledge through their articles.

Thank You.

Jade Goody is dead

Reality TV Star and Big Brother fame Jade Goody is dead. Jade Goody faced death after suffering a great pain due to cancer.

News reports says that her health was in bad situation from past two days. She died in between sleep. She was suffering from cervical cancer from some time. Atlast she is dead.

Goody died early Sunday at home. Few days before she left to home from hospital.

Jade is a famous British TV reality show celebrity. She became popular through Big Brother Reality Show.

Jack Tweed is the husband of Jade Goody. Bobby and Freddy are the Sons of Jade Goody.

Bobby is 5 year old and Freddy is 4 years old.

Jade Goodie became famous in India due to her interaction with Shilpa Shetty at Big Brother Reality Show.

News courtesy : Local TV and News Papers.

Thank You.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

New IPL venue South Africa ?

TV news was there that, there is a possibility of IPL Venue moved to South Africa. Dont know news is true or just a rumour.

There is some problems to fix IPL Venue in India due to Lok Sabha Elections 2009.This is due to Security arrangements. As more security is needed for Elections, the security of players cannot be considered more important.

More than that if Elections and IPL is conducted in parallel more people will be under Twenty20 tournament IPL 2009 fever. So they will concentrate less on Elections.

So there is some possibility of selecting new IPL Venue, maybe outside India.

But if IPL is moved outside India, then there will be less number of people there in stadium to watch IPL and there will be reduction of Income from Tickets. So if South Africa or other county is selected as new venue, then the IPL revenue will decrease.

There are also news or rumour that Dubai is also considered for Indian Primer League.

Thank You.

Cricket - Should Sachin Tendulkar get retired ?

Sachin Tendulkar the little master of Indian Cricket team is now 35 years old. Like all other Sachin Fans, me too have a question - Should Sachin Tendulkar get retired ? Yes / No ?

My openion is NO. As Sachin R Tendulkar is playing Cricket with a great form there is no need of retirement. Sachin played a good innings during India vs New Zealand ODI and Test Matches 2009. He scored Century in both ODI and Test Cricket Match.

So there is no need of Sachin Tendulkar to get retired. He can play more Cricket before getting retired.

This performace is the indication of Sachin's consistency and capability of playing more Cricket. Like Dil Mange More ... Aha.

Regarding Sachin's Injury, hope he can withstand Injuries and can recover his health. Injury will affect Cricketer's Performance, but i think Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar will recover from all injury.

While considering his age, there will be people having the opinion that he should get retired. But if we consider his records and Match History we wont think of leaving Little Master.

He played 157 Test Matches and 425 One Day Internationals (ODI). Sachin Scored 12589 Runs in Test Matches and 16684 runs in ODI's. So his Runs are Records. Total Runs of Sachin Tedulkar will exceed 29273 (Test + ODI). Tendulkar Scored 42 Test Centuries and 43 ODI Centuries. So little master have highest number of Test Records and ODI Records in his name.

Little Masters ODI highest runs is 186 (not out) and Test highest runs is 248 (not out).

By seeing this records what you people think? Should Sachin Retire from Indian Cricket Team ?

Please post your openion and comments.

Thank You.

Cheapest car Tata nano on market - 1 lakh Car Nano

The Cheapest Car Tata Nano will hit Indian Market on March 23 2009. The Common peoples car will conquer hearts of all middle class people. The Cost of Tata Nano is around 1 lakh. So 1 lakh Car Nano Hits Road on this year.

Nano - Tata Car is considered as the world's low cost car. Mr. Ratan Tata, Chairman of Tata Group developed this common peoples car.

Heard that Booking of Nano cars is about to start. Some banks are providing Car Loans for buying this vehicle. But the interest rate is high for nano. Heard that the loan is needed to be cleared only within 5 years. So you can buy 1 lack car with help of Bank Loans.

In New Delhi at 9th Auto Expo 2008 Ratan Tata unveiled Tata Nano. The Car plant was about to start at West Bengal. But due to protest of farmers and other political parties Nano Car Plant is now moved to Sanand, Gujarat.

Tata Nano Ex Showroom Price : One Lakh.

Tata Nano On road Price : 1.25 Lakh ( VAT + Tax )

The car's expected cost is around 1.3 Lakh to 1.4 Lakh due to addition of various Taxes, VAT , Road Tax etc.

Heard that two Versions of Tata Nano are available like Standard and Deluxe. Only petrol version is available now, but diesel version will come soon. Nano is powered by petrol engine - Rear Wheel Drive. The car will give Mileage of around 20 to 26 Kilometer per liter. Top Speed is 75 KM, power is 33 PS with a capacity of 623 cc.

Hope Tata Nano will became a real competition for Maruthi 800 which was considered as middle class people car.

Hope that Tata Motors will make arrangements to book the car at major cities across India.

Thank You.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Actress dead - Natasha Richardson

British Actress Natasha Richardson dead due to injury, while she practiced skiing. Actress Natasha Richardson was 45 years old. She died in Manhattan hospital, America.

On Monday 2009 she got head injury while she practiced skiing at Quebec, Canada.

She Acted in some movies like :

Maid in Manhattan

The Handmaid Tale

Wild Child etc etc.

Natasha Richardson got Tony Award during the year 1998 for Best Actress.

Natasha is the daughter of Oscar winner Vanessa Redgrave. Her father is Tony Richardson.

Irish Actor Liam Neeson is the husband of Natasha Richardson.

Her sons are Daniel Jack Neeson and Micheal Richard Antonio Neeson. Micheal Richard Antonio Neeson is 13 years old and Daniel Jack Neeson is 12 year old.

Thank You.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Big Brother celebrity Jade Goody to die

News was there that, Big Brother Celebrity Jade Goody was affected by Cancer and she is about to die. Jade Goody became Fame through Reality TV Show Big Brother in 2007.

Who is Jade Goody ?

27 year old Jade Goody is a British reality television Fame and she became popular throughout India and Britain due to controversies with actress Shilpa Shetty.

Jade Goody Shilpa Shetty participated in Big Brother reality Show, which became point of attraction during year 2007. There was some disagrement between the two celebrities earlier, but Shilpa Shetty Jade Goody became friends later by the end of the Show.

Disease of Jade :

The media's are reporting that Jade Goody is about to die. According to my knowledge she is affected by cervical cancer and it affected her whole body.

Reports are there that Jade Goody returned to home from Hospital. Hope Jade likes to spend her last moments of life at home.

Family :

Jack Tweed is the husband of Jade-Goody and she has two sons. Her kids are Bobby and Freddie. Bobby is 5 years old and Freddie is 4 year old.

Even if Jade Goody dies, she will be in the heart of all people. Jade goody's quotes and her appearence in Reality Show will be remembered for ever, even after her death.

Wishes for Jade Goody to be well soon.

Thank You.

News courtesy : Local News Papers and Live news on TV.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New Rules for F1 Formula 1 2009 Season

New Rules for F1 Formula 1 have be introduced by FIA, which specifies that the driver who wins most race will become F1 Champion. This new rules are going to be introduced from Formula 1 2009 Season.

Earlier points system was used to deside the Formula1 Champion. So championship is completly based on number of wins and not based on points a driver gets.

But if there is a tie between drivers who wins same number of races during a season, then the champion Title goes to the driver who scored more points.

Hope this new rules for Formula 1 will bring some exciting Race Results during 2009 Season.

This new rule is applicable only for First position. The remaining positions will be desided by previous rule, ie points system.

In Points System the driver who finishes first is awarded with 10 points and the driver who finishes second is given 8 points. 3rd finishing driver will get 6 points and so on.

Hope this new rules are applicable only for drivers and not for Constructors.World Constructors Championship ( WCC ) is determined by points system and it goes to most sucessful constructor over a season.

Thank You.

Tips to impress Girlfriend

As we all have Girlfriends we will try to impress them. Here are some tips to impress Girlfriend.

First Tip : Behave well in front of all people. This will give an impression about you to your girlfriend.

Second Tip: Speek Softly to your girl friend. Avoid Shouting and speeking in a rude manner. If you speek or talk too high, she will leave you quickly thinking that you are cruel.

Dress well : Handsome boys get more Girlfriends. So try to be handsome. Wear Tshirts and Jeans because more ladies like men wearing Jeans and T shirts. Even if you looks bad try to make the best out of you by combing hairs properly and by wearing costly dress and using good perfumes.

Be helpful : As girls always asks for help, they likes boys who are more helpful for them. So they prefer a Boyfriend ( BF ) who is more careing and helpful.

Boast about your Girlfriend ( GF ): Most girls like boasting. So frequently tell some good things about them. They like flattering. So tell " you looks too cute today, u looks like angel, you resides in my heart, i cannot live without you" etc etc. She will get totally impressed upon you.

Dont speak to other girls : Girlfriends dont like their boyfriends speaking to other girls. So avoid speaking to other girls in front of you GF.

Give regular Gifts : Most ladies will fall in love with you if you gave them gifts. So buy chocolates, dress, ornaments, Munch, Flowers, Icecream etc till your pocket gets empty and till your Girlfriends marriage got fixed.

Hope this above Tips will help you to impress your GirlFriend. Let this Tips to impress Girlfriend article help all boyfriends.

Thank You.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

How to Change Wordpress Theme

Most people dont know how to change Wordpress Theme. There is only some simple procedures to change Wordpress Theme.

To make new Theme, you have to go to Dashboard. There you can find Themes button in Appearence Section.

Inside that Themes section you can find a lot of Built-In Themes. Select an appropriate one and apply changes.

But for free users i think its not possible to upload or install new Theme. So to upload new theme you have to upgrade from your basic free account.

But you can upload Themes in Blogger. Like wise you can also update HTML in Blogger.

But there is no HTML editing option there in Wordpress.

Like wise ShoutBox, CBox, Oggix etc cannot be added in Wordpress.

Just you can select a Buit in Design / Theme.

Thank You.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Malayalam Apeksha Form - Application Form

Most Kerala people write application in malayalam. This is because Malayalam language is used in most Govenment offices. So most people look for Malayalam Apeksha Form ( Application Form).

Apeksha or Application Form have a desired format. Here i gives you a general purpost Application form which you can download for free and can be used for any purpuse.

This can be used as Malayalam Leave Letter Form, Malayalam Job Application Form, Request Form, Apply for Examination, Apply for TC certificate, Conduct certificate, Degree certificate, B Tech Application form and for all other general purposes.

Malayalam Application Form - Apeksha Form

Thank You.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

EPL Football - English Premier League

Like IPL Indian Premier League which is ment for Cricket, there is EPL English Premier League for Football.The main football teams ( football clubs ) which participate in EPL English Premier League are:-

Manchester United
Aston Villa
West Ham United
Wigan Athletic
Manchester City
Bolton Wanderers
Hull City
Tottenham Hotspur
Blackburn Rovers
Newcastle United
Stoke City
West Bromwich Albion.

Arsenal Football Club: Arsenal is known by the nickname The Gunners.
Aston Villa Football Club: Nickname of Aston Villa is The Villans.
Blackburn Rovers Club's nick name is Rovers (Ewood Park)
Chelsea is known by the Nick - The Blues (Stamford Bridge)
Everton Football Club: Nick- The Toffees (Goodison Park)
Fulham's nickname is The Cottagers (Craven Cottage)
Hull City's nick name is The Tigers (Kingston Communications Stadium)
Liverpool Football Club - Nickname - The Reds (Anfield)
Manchester City :Nick- The Blues, The Citizens (City of Manchester Stadium)
Middlesbrough - Boro - Riverside Stadium
Newcastle United - The Magpies, The Toon - St. James' Park
Portsmouth - The Blues, Pompey - Fratton Park
Stoke City - The Potters - The Britannia Stadium
Sunderland - The Black Cats, The Mackems - Stadium of Light
Tottenham Hotspur -Spurs, Lilywhites - White Hart Lane
West Bromwich Albion - The Baggies - The Hawthorns
West Ham United - The Hammers, The Irons - Boleyn Ground
Wigan Athletic - The Latics - JJB Stadium.

Hope this EPL English Premier League Football Team list may help you. There will be Football Matches between these teams where each club vs other club. There will be Semi Finals and Finals.

Thank You.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Jackie Reloaded - Sagar Alias Jacky

Mohanlal Film Sagar Alias Jacky Reloaded will be releasing soon. Heard that Reloaded Sagar Alias Jacky is releasing on March last or on Vishu, 14 April 2009. This Movie is the second part of old Mohanlal movie Irupatham Noottandu.

Apart from Mohanlal, the main actors in Jacky Re loaded are Manoj K Jayan, Jagathy Sreekumar, Nedumudi Venu etc.....

Shobana, Bhavana, Meena etc are the main actress of this filim.

Director of Sagar Alias Jackie : Amal Neerad
Producer of Re-loaded Movie : Antony Perumbavoor
Script : S N Swami
Lyrics : Rio Joy
Music : Gopi Sunder

The Songs of Sagar Alias Jackey Reloaded is so super, as its aired through all Radio Channels. I think all malayalies have download songs and ringtones from mobile operators. Hope more people will set Sagar Alias Jakey Reloaded Hello Tunes and Caller Tunes. I think the Lyrics of this movie is so good.

The ringtones of Irupatham Noottandu - 20 th Century is so popular among youngsters. So many people have Hello Tunes and MP3 Ringtones of Irupatham Noottandu.

The Stills, Wallpapers and Photos of Sagar Alias Jackie have been pasted in front of some Movie Theaters. Hope that all lal fan's will get a Ticket of this movie to see the first show itself. Its better to reserve seats. There will be a huge croud of Lalettan Fans to watch this Film.

Every Mohanlal fans are waiting for the movie release date. Hope it will be on Vishu. Expecting that this big Budget movie will be a Super Hit.

Thank You.

Sample Resume for Freshers - Free

Freshers are those who pass out from a Course.They wont be aware about how to make a resume. So here is a Sample Resume for Freshers Free which can be used to make or create your own Resume or Biodata.

Sample resume's acts as a model to make a good profile. We have profile in Orkut. Similarly Resume / Biodata is a description about us.

While we apply for a Job, the Company Offering the Job will ask to submit our Resume. So you have to write it. Its better to refer the sample Biodata shown below to include necessary details in your Profile.

A good Resume writer will include all true details about him. Its a bad habbit to write wrong details or false details in Resume. So update it Regularly. Dont add false or manipulated details or marks.

You can download this Simple Free Sample Resume for Freshers. This is not in pdf format. So you can download and take printout so quickly.

Sample Resume for Freshers - Free

Thank You.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Supply Exam - Supplementary Examinations

Those who had studies a Degree course would have faced a Supply Exam or Supplementary Examinations. Supply Exams are exams conducted for students who fails in one or more or full subjects of a Degree Course.

Students or candidates can apply for a Supplementary Exam like ordinary exam. But the fees for supply test will be different from Regular Exams.

Supplymentary exams are exams ment for pupils having Arriers or Back Papers. Improvement Exams are for students to improve their mark if he passed in a subject with lower marks. Improvement is different from Supply.

Most common PG courses are : MA English, M.A Philosophy, Arabic, Literature, Sanskrit, History, Islamic History, Politics, Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi, Economics, Business, Sociology, Fine Arts, Music, Psychology, M Com, MBA management, M.B.A Finance, MSc Zoology,Computer Science, IT, M.Sc Botony,Polymer Chemistry, Bio Applied Analytical Chemistry, Physics, Statistics, Mathematics, Environmental Science, Geology, Geography, Home Science, Tourism, Physical Education, M Tech, MD, M Phil, MCA.

Most common Degree courses are : BA, BSc, B Arch, B Tech Information Technology, Computer Science and Engineering, Applied Electronics and Instrumentation, Electronics and Communication, Electrical and Electronics, Bio Technology, Chemical, Mechanical Industrial Engineering, Automobile Engineering, Production Engineering, Civil Engineering , MBBS, B Com.

I think all subjects listed above have Supply Examinations. You can study with previous year question papers or model question papers to pass in these subjects. Thus you can get a good result.

Most Courses are based on Semester System. I think you can score good marks in Semester Appearance.

The Internal Mark- Internal Assessment mark (Sessional Marks) also desides your over all percentage. So remember to aquire good sessional marks. In some colleges / universities and Schools teachers or lecturers shows partiality while giving Internal assessment or Sessional marks. Thats not a good habit and it can spoil students life. Under Sessional Students are more in writing Supply Exams.

Thank You.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Browse Blocked Orkut at Office

In most Offices and Colleges Social Networking Site Orkut is Blocked. So when Employees or Students will try to Browse Orkut from Office PC, message will be shown that page cannot be found. To browse Blocked Orkut at Office, you have to use either proxy servers or proxy ip's.

Most Software and BPO companies (IT Companies/IT Parks) will block acess of Orkut at Office PC.

You can also browse Orkut by typing an alternate URL : " images.orkut.com "

If this is not working then search for Proxy Sites in Google.

Then you will see a set of Proxy website address. Try one Proxy Website which is not Blacklisted by your Office Server. The Office Server will be using a firewall to monitor which all sites you are using. So dont use any proxy websites continuosly at Office, else that site address will be blocked and Black listed by Office or School or College Servers.

If the Proxy sites are not working and if the proxy sites are blocked, then try using IP address of proxy sites. Type IP address of Proxy sites on address bar of your Browser.

In most case, the Orkut.com site cannot be acessed directly from office Computer where its blocked. So Orkut can be acessed from within some other sites.

Hope this may help you to acess and browse Orkut at Office or College or School where its Blocked.

Thank You.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Attending an Interview Tips and Tricks

Job seekers should take care of how they attend an interview. You can use some Tricks and Tips to perform well in an Interview. You should be confident while attending an Interview.

The important point you should note is the way of Dressing. You should look professional for the Interviewer. Dont grow beard. Try to comp your Hairs well. Bresh your teeth and have a good bath. Applying perfume will help to impress the inquirer. Try to wear a neck tie.

Boys should wear Executive Shirts and Pants. Wear Fullsleave shirts. Iron your Shirts and pants. Else you will be considered as a careless person while interview. Use a good shoe. Avoid socks with bad smell.

Girls can wear a Saree and attend interview. But the common dress is Churidar. Ladies should avoid modern dress like Tshirts and Pants as its not formal Dress. Tshirts comes under Informal Dress Code. You can use a suit while attending Interview. Try to avoid high heald Footwear.

The Truth is that an interviwer will select more Cute people comparing to others. So try to be cute ( use beauty parlour). Beauty is also considered for some Jobs.

Behaving well will give an impression that you have a good personality. So personality is also an important factor.

Speak in good English. People knowing more languages is given more privilage than others. So study other languages. Communication skill is tested in Group Discussion (GD). Some times written tests are also conducted to check your grammer and general awareness.

Prepare a nice Biodata or Resume to submit before the company. Biodata should have a professional look.

Wish the Interviewer before and after interview. This can help you to score a good impression. Use OBC Cirtificate to get communal or caste previlages like seat reservation.

Use above Tips and Tricks while trying for a Job. Hope you will suceed.

Thank You.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Freshers looking for a Job - No Openings

As comparing with last year, the number of freshers looking for a job has been increased this year. Jobs are very difficult to get in present condition. The number of Freshers comming passed out in every year is around lakhs. But there is no openings for Freshers.

The number of Job vaccuncies created per year is too low to accomodate all these freshers. The number of Engineers who pass out every year is around crores. Where these freshers will work?

Who will give Job for a Fresher ? Every Company asks for Experience and Experience Cirtificate. So Freshers are pushed away from Jobs.

As the number of Employment Vaccuncies created per year is lowering, the chance for Course Completed persons to get a Job is very tough. For candidates who have arriers or Backpapers or Supply will suffer more without a Job. No companies will give Job without a Degree.

So along with your Degree or Master Degree, try to study some part time works like welding, painting, fitting, plumbing etc. This can help Freshers as a part time Job.

Try to get a part time Job till you get a full time Job or Government Job. As per present situation getting a Government Job is very difficult. But you can try.

Best of Luck.

Thank You.

Monday, March 9, 2009

SSLC Exam 2009 - No Power Cut

Due to SSLC Exam in Kerala their will be no Power Cut between 8 March 2009 and 25 March 2009. So students appearing for SSLC Examination 2009 can study with ease. Apart from Hot Climate, students will be very tensed to appear Exams.

There is no need of Tensions for appearing SSLC Exam. Just Relax and write Exams. SSLC is not a big Exam, but its projected as Turning point of Students life by parents and teachers. There is no use for Secondary School Leaving Cirtificate other than getting admission for Plus Two (Higher Secondary) and for applying for Passport. So no need of Exam Fever.

Tips for SSLC Students to Score High Marks or Grades :

Study with previous years Question papers, Model Questions and Question Bank/ Guides

Write Exam with Relaxed Mind (As normal Examinations). Tension and Fear can affect your Performance.

Dont study late Night. Study everything early and have a good Sleep. Wake up early morning and revise what you studied.

Go for Tutions. This will help you to Score Good Marks.

Dont use Bits.

Ask doubts to your Teachers or Tution Teachers.

SSLC Exam 2009 will be on March 2009 and most probably SSLC Exam Results will be published by April/May 2009. Apart from Earlier days, SSLC Examination Result is published so quickly. You can appear for SAY Exam if you fail in some subjects. Save a Year Exam (SAY) is there . So no need to worry. Be happy and get A+ for all subjects. Appear well for IT practical Examination.

Thank You.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sachin Tendulkar - Man of the Match - Christchurch ODI 2009

Sachin Tendulkar wins Man of the Match Award at Christchurch ODI, New Zealand 2009. Sachin Scored 163 Runs at New Zealand vs India 3rd ODI and became Man of the Match.

That was Sachin's 43 rd Century. Tendulkar Scored 100 in 101 Balls at New Zealand. But Sachin Tendulkar retired from that ODI Match due to Injury. Sachin Scored 163 from 133 balls. Photos are not available.

India won Christchurch ODI 2009 by 58 Runs.


India 392 Runs
Overs : 50

New Zealand 334 Runs
Overs : 45.1

392 Runs is the Second highest Total of India. The highest Total Scored by India in ODI is 415 (Not Sure). 392 Runs is Scored in New Zealand.

By winning this Match India leads India vs New Zealand ODI series 2-0

Thank You.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Indian National Flag - Tri Coloured

Tri Coloured Indian National Flag is the Symbol of India ( Hindustan ). The Tri Colours include Saffron, White and Green. The National Flag of India was adopted on 1947.

In the National Flag of India the Saffron Color is at Top and Green Color at Bottom. At middle there is white colour. In that white Coloured area there is Ashoka Chakra which is a navy blue wheel with 24 Spokes.

As an Indian Citizen everyone should respect Indian Flag.

I have drawn an Indian Flag which i suppose to Share with all my Friends. You can Download and use it as Wallpaper on your computer or mobile phones. You can also take print out or use in your Website or Blog.

[NB: Drawn with hand. So drawing may conatain errors. Please Pardon me in case of Mistake]

Thank You.

Attukal Pongala 2009

Attukal Pongala 2009 is on March 10. Attukal Pongala is conducted at Attukal Bhagavathy Temple Thiruvananthapuram Kerala.

Attukal Temple is known as the Sabarimala of women. Attukal Pongala is the festival conducted at Attukal Bhagavathy Temple Thiruvananthapuram.

Attukal Pongala is the festival in which large gathering of women in Kerala and from other states occurs.

Attukal Pongala 2009 can be seen Live on all Malayalam TV Channels. There was news that Attukal Pongala 2009 will be Telecasted Live on Dhoordarshan National Channel. So Attukal Pongala can be seen from any where in India Live.

There will be Traffic Controls at Thiruvananthapuram on 10th March 2009 due to Ponkala. This is to avoid Traffic Blocks due to heavy traffic on that day on Trivandrum City.

Thank You.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Free Cartoon Wallpaper

We all love Cartoons, and we watch Cartoons. I like Cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Uncle Scrooch (Duck Tales), Dennis (Dennis the Menace), SuperMan, Spiderman, Heman, Phantom, Shakthimaan, Mayavi, Tom & Gerry, Defenders of the Earth, Jungle Book (Moglie) etc etc.

My favourate Cartoon Character is Mr.Donald Duck. He is very cute and becomes angry very quickly. Do anyone know why Donald Duck becomes angry very quickly? I know that Donald Duck has a girl friend.But dont know her name.

During my childhood i was very craze to watch Superman Cartoon. But Superman is not telecasted on TV now a days.

Tom and Gerry cartoon is also one of my favaurate Animation Seriel. I like Tom more than Gerry because Gerry is always teasing Tom. Poor Tom.

Another Comic Charector i like is Uncle Scrooch who has Dollar Symbol $ over his house. His nephews Luie, Duie and some name (I am not sure about that ducks name) are too funny.

I also likes the cartoon Alice in Wonderland. But i also likes Shakthimaan in which Mukesh Khanna Acted in Double Roles ie Shakthimaan and Gangadher.

Another famous Comics are Mickey Mouse and Mougly. I like them too...

So friends i have designed on Cartoon Charactor. His name is Orangy. Here i introduce him for you.
You can download this Cartoon Wallpaper/ Charactor for Free.

Download Free Cartoon Wallpaper

Thank You.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Amitabh Bachan Filmography

This is a short list of Films by Amitabh Bachan. This is not complete Filmography of Big B Amitabh Bachan. AB's films Sorted in Alphabetical Order. A to Z of Amitabh Bachan Movies.

Anand Released - 1971
Amar Akbar Anthony -1977
Bansi Birju - 1972
Bombay To Goa - 1972
Chupke Chupke - 1975
Dost -1974
Deewar - 1975
Ek Hi Maqsad - 1988
Guddi - 1971
Gehri Chaal - 1973
Hindustan Ki Kasam -1999
Imaan Dharam -1977
Jalwa -1987
Kabhi Kabhi -1976
Lawaaris - 1981
Muqaddar Ka Sikandar - 1979
Namak Halal -1982
Om Shanti Om - 2007
Parwana - 1971
Raste Ka Pattar - 1972
Sholay - 1975
Saat Hindustani - 1969
Toofan - 1989
Viruddh- 2005
Waqt -2005
Yaraana -1981
Zamaanat - 2009
and more..................

I think this is the First Alphabetically Sorted Amitabh Bachan's Filmography. If you want me to add more movies of BigB, please post in Comments.

IPL 2009 - New Dates

IPL 2009 will be conducted on new Dates to improve Security and to Manage Elections. As Lok Sabha Elections are being conducted between April 16 2009 and May 13 2009, the govenment cannot manage the Security of both Events, ie IPL 2009 and Lok Sabha Elections. So for IPL 2009 New Dates is being considered.

As per News i got, there will be no change in dates of Starting and Ending IPL Matches. But the Matches whoes dates which are close to election dates will be conducted early before or after election dates.

This problem occured due to Terrorist Attack on Sri Lankan Team at Lahore. So Govenment is planning to provide tight security for Indian Primer League 2009.

The dates of Starting and Final IPL Cricket Matches will be the same.

All IPL Twenty20 Cricket Lovers are waiting for this rocking Match.

Thank You.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Medical Engineering Entrance Exam 2009 - New Dates

New dates of Medical Engineering Entrance Exam 2009 have be published today and the new date of Medical Engineering Entrance Exam 2009 in Kerala will be between 27 April 2009 and 30 April 2009. But detailed Timetable of Entrance Exam 2009 is not available for me.

I dont know whats the date of All India Medical Entrance Examination 2009 and All India Engineering Entrance Examination 2009. You can refer your Local news paper for the detailed schedules or Time Table of Entrance exam.

The subjects you have study for Entrance Exams are :
Medical Entrance Exam:


For Engineering Entrance Exam you have to study the following subjects:


I am unaware of subjects you have study for B-Arch Entrance Examination.

You can go for Crash Course to prepare for Medical Engineering Entrance Exams. But the fee for Crash Course is too high that poor people cannot afford good training.

Do your Best in Entrance Exam 2009.

Thank You.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sri Lankan Cricket team attacked in Pakistan by Terrorist

Sri Lankan Cricket team attacked in Pakistan by a set of Terrorist. The Terrorist attack took place near Gaddafi Stadium at Lahore - Pakistan.

In this attack 5 Sri lankan cricket players were injured and 6 police men were killed.

The injured players are Jayawardene, Samarawera, Tharanga Paranavitana, Ajantha Mendis, Kumar Sangakkara.

The Terorrist used weapons like AK 47, rifles, rocket launchers and grenades to attack the Bus on which Sri Lankan Cricket Team Travelled.

Sri Lanka asked their team to return Back . Mean while Pakistan apologised to Sri Lanka for this situation.

Indian and New Zealand Cricket Players is wearing a Black Badge on their hands to show thier feeling to the Injured Lankan Players during India vs New Zealand 1st ODI at Napier.

[News Collected from Local TV.]

Thank You.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Amitabh Bachan deserves Oscar

Bollywood Superstar Amitabh Bachan deserves an Oscar Award. As Amitabh had contributed much to Bollywood and for whole film industry the great Actor BigB Amitabh Bachan should be hounored with an Oscar.

Bachan would have got an Oscar Award if he had acted in Slumdog Millionaire. In the film Slumdog millionaire, there is a Scene in which the Slumdog kid asking Amitabh Bachan for an Autograph. I dont know whether it was orginal Amitabh Bachan who acted on Slumdog millionaire.

But if Big B have been given a prominent role in that movie, he would have grabbed an Oscar.

In Amitabh Bachan's Blog someone started a topic about Slumdog millionaire. Some people talked in favour of filim slumdog millionaire and some people against Slumdog millionaire. So what the media had done is that, they published a news that " Amitabh Bachan criticised Slumdog millionaire ". But that news was actually wrong. Some Amitabh Bachchan Blog Members started that debate and not BigB.

Big B's openion is that the opinions posted on Amitabh Bachan blog bigb.blogadda.com criticising Slumdog millionaire was made by others.

That was really a debete between Blog Members, not an openion of Mr. Amitabh Bachchan.

Hope Amitabh Bachan will get an Oscar award for his upcomming Movie.

Thank You.

Lok Sabha Election 2009 - 5 phases

Lok Sabha Election 2009 will be conducted on 5 phases. The five phases are scheduled as 16 April 2009, 23 April 2009, 30 April 2009, 7 May 2009, 13 May 2009. Lok Sabha Elections schedule was announced by Election Commission. Counting of Lok Sabha Election 2009 votes will be on 16 May 2009.

There will be around 72 Crore Voters attending Lok Sabha Elections 2009. So 11 lakh voting Devices will be installed to conduct election smoothly.

Kerala will have 1 phase election, and it will be on 16th April 2009.So Kerala will withness single phase LokSabha Election. Lok Sabha Election Kerala 2009 will be on next month.

Along with Kerala, the Union Territories and some other States will face only Single phase Elections.

Orissa, Assam, Jharkhand, Manipur, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka and Punjab will have two phase Elections.

West Bengal, Maharashtra will have three phase elections.

Bihar will have four phase Elections.

Uttar Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir will have 5 phase LokSabhaElections.

Dates of Five Phases:

1st Phase Lok Sabha Election 2009 Date : 16 April 2009
2nd Phase Lok Sabha Election 2009 Date : 23 April 2009
3rd Phase Lok Sabha Election 2009 Date : 30 April 2009
4th Phase Lok Sabha Election 2009 Date : 7 May 2009
5th Phase Lok Sabha Election 2009 Date : 13 May 2009

Counting of Votes 16th May 2009. So 15th Lok Sabha will be Constituted by June first week.

Last Date for giving nomination for Lok Sabha Election is 30 March 2009 (I am not sure about this date).

Thank You.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Free Wallpaper - I Love You

This is a Free I Love You wallpaper for all who loves and want to share Love. You can present this I Love You wallpaper as a Greeting Card for your Girlfriend (gf) or Boyfriend (bf).

This I Love U wallpaper is designed as a Desktop Wallpaper. But you can also use it as Mobile Wallpaper.

I L U or ILU wallpapers express heart of Lovers and Valentines. This Heart wallpaper will help you to get new love affairs and girl friends or boy friends.

This I Love U wall paper can be used in your laptops, Home PC and in your iphones. This wallpaper is totally FREE !!! . So download it now Free.

You can also Email this I Love You wallpaper to your Lover or can use as an E-card. This is not an animated I Love You wallpaper.

Download Free I Love You Wallpaper

Wow Super Cute Picture Right..
This Image is now your's .
Download and use in your mobile or PC

Job Loss in Gulf Countries due to Financial Crisis

The Financial crisis which persist in the whole world have even affected Fourign Employees. There is news regarding Job Loss in Gulf Countries and so may Gulf People are returning back to home nations. This may be due to Financial Crisis.

News was there that around 1 lakh Gulf Malayalies returned back to India during last some months. More and more Gulf Malayalies will come back and the count may exceed 5 lakh's within comming months. These all are due to loss of Job in Gulf Countries due to Financial Crisis.

Government of Kerala have announced some packages for Ex Gulf People (NRI) who returns back to Kerala without any Job. Hope this can give some relief for Gulf Malayalies.

Hope the Central Govenment will also give some help and assurance for all people who return to India after Job Loss.

The Gulf Mallu people usually have a lavish life. So they caunt even think of a situation without Job. The Unemployment rate in India will increase if so many people return from Gulf, US, UK, Saudi Arabia, Oman, UAE, Dubai, Kuwait etc....

Hope Govenment may announce some packages for NRI's.

Thank You.