Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Using MobilePhones As Modem

Using Mobile Phones as Modem to acess Internet on Personal Computer is somehow unfamilier for some people.I think this article will be useful for them.

Step 1:-
First of all You have to Buy a GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) or EDGE enabled handset.GPRS phones are a little bit cheaper compairing To Egde Phones.There are even cheaper Mobilephones(INR 2500) which have Class 10 Modems.Edge enabled MobilePhones are a little more costly (~ INR 5000).But Edge gives more speed compairing to GPRS.

Step 2:-

Buy an USB Datacable for your CellPhone which helps you to connect your PC to mobile phone.Else you can connect using BlueTooth or IR.

Step 3:-

Download Modem Driver (Software) for your Mobile Phone on your computer.Then install that Modem Driver.You will get Modem driver from Your corresponding CellPhone manufacturing Websites.

Step 4:-

Activate GPRS on your Handset(contact your Mobile Operator for this process).After activation you will get GPRS settings on your Phone.

Step 5:-

Create a dial up connection and select appropriate Modem.Use Dialing number provided by the Mobile Operator.

Step 5:-

Press Connect .Congrats !!! ..You are connected now to internet by using mobile as Modem.

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Friday, December 26, 2008

High End Phones and its Misuse

Friends ,now a days every one have high end phones.These phones contain Camera,Blue tooth,expandable memmory etc.

If these features of your mobilphones are used for good developmental purpose,then its good.Otherwise its too bad if you are using your high end phones for bad purposes.

I think you have to thank God for giving this much good facilities and money.So please dont use your mobilephones or laptops for bad purpose.Make your activities in a way that it can help others.

Wish you all Good Luck!!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Buying Used Mobile phones

Buying Used Mobile phones is not a new thing among us.But what all factors we should consider while buying used mobile phone or Second hand phones is very important.

The performance and quality of phone should be considered while buying an used phone. The life of the phone , person who used that phone previously,battery backup, damages charger,appearance of the Used phone etc should be checked to assure that we are buying a good Second hand Device.

And more than that if you are lucky then you will get a geniune and good cell.In some cases the old user may exchange his phone to buy a new more featured phone.In that case you will be lucky if u get that phone.

Factors to be considered while buying Second Hand Phones:

* Check the battery backup and Condition.
* Check the Display of the Phone.
* Check appearence of the phone.
* Check the manufacturing date .
* Check the Gaurentee Card if Available .
* Try to buy Branded phones than Cheap phones .

Gud Luck Friends !!!

Free SMS To Mobile Phones Working ?

Do Free SMS To mobile phones Shown in most internet websites work? I think no.i have tried so many websites which offer free SMS.But they are actually not working.Free SMS provided by some websites work , while some wont work.

I recomend you not to use such websites.I think you all will be facing the same situation link me.
I am expecting some comments from you also friends.

Plz drop your comments!!!