Saturday, January 31, 2009

Forex Trading - What is Forex Trading ?

We all have heard the term Forex Trading .But so many people dont know what is Forex Trading .

Here i will give a Simple definition of Forex Trading ( FX or Forex or Currency Market ) .

Forex Trading is the process of Exchanging Currencies or trading Currency .

The currency is exchanged (bought and Sold) as part of Trading.

I will tell you with an example.

Suppose i am Buying 1$ Dollar from a foreign exchange Trader when Dollar to Rupee exchange rate is 1:39

ie One Dollar is equal to 39 Rupees. ( 1$ = 39 Rs )

So what will i do is - I will buy 1 $ from that trader giving 39 Rs.

Now i have 1 $ with me.

After 2 months what happens is that some times the Dollar to Rupee Ratio will increase or decrease.

Suppose that the Forign Exchange Ratio increased.

Suppose the exchange ratio became 1:50 (ie 1 Dollar is equal to 50 Rs)

So now if i exchange my dollar for Rupee then i will get 50 Rs

So i gave 39 Rs to Buy 1$ and now i will get 50 Rs when i sell that Dollar.

Now i got Profit . This is the Basic Principle of Forex Trading.

The definitions given on web is very complicated . So i tried to explain Forex Trading in simple terms so that all people can understand.

And one more thing. This Exchange is done between people of different countries.

Hope you all got now " What is Forex and Forex Trading ? "

Thank You.

Amitabh Bachchan's Next Movie

We all are intrested to Know which is Amitabh Bachchan's Next Movie.

There are news on internet that Amitabh Bachchan will work for Ravi Chopra's Next movie.

His fans are waiting to know which is the next movie of BigB .

There is also news that the next film of Amitabh Bachchan is The Legend of Kunal .

Which is true? We are are eagerly waiting for Big B 's new film.

There is news that in The Legend of Kunal Amitabh Bachchan and Tabu is acting.

BigB has presented some good movies during 2008 . Similarly we are waiting for some good films at 2009.

His super hits during last year was :-

BhoothNath in which Amitabh rocked along with Juhi Chawla and Saif Ali Khan.

God Tussi Great Ho in which Bachchan rocked along with Salman Khan and Manisha Koirala

Aladdin and Mystery of the Lamp in which Bachchan rocked along with Sameera Reddy and Juhi Chawla

Mr. Bhatti on Chutti & The Last Lear was also Amitabh Bachan's super hits during last year.

Anyway waiting for BigB 's next movie

Thank You..

Sania Mirza Lost Australian Open Tennis 2009

Indian Pride Sania Mirza Lost Australian Open 2009.

Sania was defeated by Nadia Petrova in Second Round Of Australian Open Tennis 2009.

But in mixed doubles Sania mirza worked together with Mahesh Bhupathi and entered Finals.

Sania made a good work to win the second round and score in Second Round.

But the Russian Tennis Player Nadia Petrova was so strong enough to defeat Sania in Net.

Before Second Round , during first Round Sania Mirza conqured world number 61 Marta Domachowhska. Thus she entered second round of Singles.

But she cannot give a good Tennis as her fans expected during Second Round.

Best of Luck Sania in Mixed Doubles with Mahesh Bhupath.

Hope you will win in Mixed Doubles of Australian Open.

Thank You.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Hrithik Roshan's Next Movie

I think all of you know that Kites is the next Movie of Hrithik Roshan.

Kites will be released on June 2009.

Most portion of this movie is shooted outside India.So i think it will give more beauty to Kites.

After Jhodha Akbar i think Kites will be Hrithiks Super Hit Movie.

Kites is produced by Rakesh Roshan.

Director of Kites is Anurag Basu.

The main attraction of Kites is Latin actress Barbara Mori.

I think kites will be the hit of 2009.

After Amir Khans Ghajini i think Hrithik Roshan will be the main attraction of 2009.

All Fans of Hrithik Roshan (HR) is waiting for Duggu Magic in Kites.

Thank You ...

2nd ODI Colombo Muttiah Murali To Become Highest Wicket Taker

During 2nd ODI, Colombo Sri Lanka vs India Muttiah Murali have a chance to become most Wicket Taker in Cricket.

Now Murali has 501 wickets. He only needs 2 more wickets to cross highest wicket scorer (503 wickets).

I think Muttiah can achive this on todays match 2nd ODI Colombo Sri Lanka vs India.

In Second One day International Sehwag will play.This adds strength to Indian batting side.

Virender Sehwag missed first ODI due to hip injury.

First ODI was won by India .

Today if Muttiah Murali bowls well then he can take the record from Wasim Akram who is currently the highest wicket-taker in ODIs

On First ODI Jayasurya got a Century.

Thank You.

Indian Blogs Forum

Most Indian People have Blogs. Most of us even write articles on Blogs. So we all form India Bloggers.

But there is no grouping of Indian Blogs and Bloggers.

What we should do is make an Indian Blogs Forum so that we can share our thoughts and articles.

Blogs Forum is common in western countries. But its not popular in India.

A forum will help to identify which all India Blogs are there and who are Indian Blog writers.

Most Indian people have Blogs in Blogspot or in WordPress.

But they dont have a common platform for their Blogs.

Blogging is a good hobby .It help to relive our stress and strains.

Some people use their Blog as their Public Diary in which they record ( write ) their day today routines.

Anyway a Forum for Indian Bloggers are needed and assure that someone will take actions to make an Indian Forum.

Thank You..

Amitabh Bachan Forum

Hi friends ,

I have already told you that i am a Great Fan of Amitabh Bachan .

So my plan is to start Amitabh Bachan Fans Club or Amitabh Bachan Forum.

Why caunt we consider this post as a Forum to Discuss about Amitabh Bachans New films and news.

As we know that Amitabh Bachan has his own Blog which i have discussed earlier.

Like wise to discuss about our Favarate actor why caunt we start an Amitabh Bachan Forum ?

Most internet Forums are for discussing about Solar or Internet or Mobile.

So i desided to consider this Topic as a Forum .

You can make Topics by posting your openion in Comments.

Thank You.

Will i loose Job due to Financial Crisis ?

Every people is asking the same Question .

" Will i lose job due to financial crisis ? "

As we all know financial crisis has grabed the whole worlds economay so many people will loose their Jobs.

The possibility of losing Job is for those who work in IT Field.So many IT companies have asked staffs to leave the Job or asked them to do overtime Job. So much turn over will happen during coming year in IT field

Another employess who lost jobs are those who work in Banking Sector. As some Banks are in trouble ,there is a chance of more Job loss for those people.

Real Estate field is also in trouble.As the economy is down no one is willing to spend their money.
So no new land or building deals happen and there is a lacking of liquidity in money.

Govenment Employess are safe as they have fixed Jobs and salaries.But people working in IT and related fields are much suffering due to insecurity of thier Jobs.

In Kerala some IT companies have removed some staff due to financial crisis.

India is not much affected by fianancial crisis as most Banks are in public sectors.

I think this finacial crisis will last for atleast 2 more years.

Anyway make sure that you wont loss job due to financial crisis.

Thank You.

Sania Mirza - Mahesh Bhupathi Enters Mixed Doubles of Australian Open

Sania Mirza And Mahesh Bhupathi Enters Mixed Doubles of Australian Open Tennis after defeating Czechs Iveta Benesova and Lukas Dlouhy.

This is a Happy news for all Sania Mirza Fans.

I am also a Sania Fan.

We all Indians should be proud of Sania Mirza.

As all Indians are behind Cricket we forget about other Games.

But because of Sania we all are now concentrating on Tennis too.

The Scores are like this : 6-4 , 6-1

Bhupathi is also one of the top doubles players.

But more people concentrate on Sania

Thats Sania has more fans , i think.

Thank You...

Happy Valentine's Day 14 February 2009

14 February 2009 is celebrated by all Valentines as Valentine's Day .

So i wish you all Valentines a Happy Valentine's Day 14 February 2009 .

You can exchange flowers , greetings , kisses , hugs ..... during Valentines day.

Make sure that you have a Valentine to celebrate that day

You can give some Special Gift for Lover ,Wife , Girl friend etc during that day.

I suggest to present you partner with a rose will be good.

Comming Valentines day 2009 is on Saturday. Thats a Second Saturday .So everyone will be free and can enjoy that day at park or beach .

One Suggesstion from me is that " Please dont misuse V-Day "

Once more i wish you all a Happy V-Day 2009

Thank you....

Idea Star Singer Winner

Hi friends,

We all are regular viewers of Idea Star Singer (ISS) . Whom do you think as Winner of Idea Star Singer 2009 ?

According to me the top 5 contestents of Idea Star Singer will be :

* Vivek Anand

* Rahul

* Prashob

* Gayathri

* Soniya

From these contestents whom do u think will win ( Flat) Idea Star Singer.

Select your winner .

I think the Winner of Idea Star Singer 2009 will be Vivek.

What about ur choice ? Post your choice of winner in Comments.

Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif is our favarate bollywood actress who have even acted in Malayalam ( Mallu) Movie.

Her Mallu Movie (Malayalam) was Balram vs Tharadas in which the actor was Mammotty.

Katrina Kaif was the leading actress who has hitted the top position during the year 2008.

Even i like this suprb actress.

Her acting in Balram vs Tharadas was amazing.

Some of her popular movies are :-

* Race

* Singh Is Kinng

* Malliswari

* Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya?

* Namastey London

* Allari Pidugu

* Hello

and a lot more ... i have mentioned only my favarate movies of Katrina.

Thank You...

Thursday, January 29, 2009

How To Unlock Mobile phone

To unlock your mobile phone you should change the software inside your mobilephone memmory

You can also unlock your mobilephone by entering some codes into your mobile phone.

But i am not sure that unlock codes will work.

I have even heard of unlocking devices,but they are of high price.

Someetimes your mobile operator will block your phone to acess only a single network.This is done to prevent loss of customers and to avoid users change there SIM card easily.

Locking of network is also possible in CDMA Handsets.

There are software for unlocking mobilephones.

But to use software to Unlock your phone you should have Data Cable.

Thank You...

Used Solar Panels

Used Solar Panels is a cheap and clean form of renewable energy.

Those who dont have money to buy new solar panels can buy used solar panels at cheap rates.

New solar panels will cost around 2 to 4 $ per watts .

So you can buy Used Solar Panels for 0.50 to 1 $.

Some good used solar panels can work as fine as new solar panels.

So try to get a good used solar panel.

Before buying used , check whether it have more scratches or damages.

Try to select a less damaged solar panel.

You will get panels with Wattage range from 5 watts to megawatts.

Thank You !!!

Gold Price Kerala India

Gold Price have hitted the top level in Kerala.

Gold Price for one sovereign gold is now around Rs 10,385 (not exact)

So one Gram gold will cost around Rs 1298 in Kerala India.

In Kerala there is tradition of giving 100 sovereign gold ( nooru pavan swarnam ) for marriage.

So marriage parties are in trouble and there is reduction in people buying Gold.

And more than that selling of Used Gold increased.

The price of Crude Oil is the main factor which desides Gold Price.

More than that the variations in Stock market also affects Gold Price.

Any way the price of gold in kerala in very high , so that common people cannot afford it.

Thank You !!!

Untabbed Solar Cells

The solar cells which is manufactured at factory wont contain leads or tabs.

Such Solar Cells are called UnTabbed Solar Cells.

After manufacturing of solar cells it is tabbed.

Tabbing is the process of making leads (positive and negative) in a solar cells.

The tabbs or leads act as the tapping point of electricity from solar cell.

This tabbed solar cells are then connected in series or parallel to produce desired voltage.Tabbing can be done at home with the help of a soldering iron.

Tabbing of solar cells to make solar panel is a little complicated process . There is a risk of damage of solar cells while tabbing.

So its advisable that professionals tab solar panels to avoid breaking or damage of solar cells.

Thanks you.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Free Contents For Website

All Webmasters are in search for free contents for websites. ( Free Webmaster Resourses )

Normally its difficult to write new articles and update news for your website.

No need to worry now.

Your site will get automatically updated by installing this piece of HTML code in your websites HTML section.

Its Free News Update Code ..It has also Free Images for your site.

Copy Paste this below code to the HTML section of your Website to get Breaking News and other Resourse Feeds Automatically added to your site.


<.frameset rows="100%,0%">
<.frame src="">
< /frameset>
< /html>


Try it and Post your Reply...Cheers for Webmasters.

Thank you...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Asin Thottumkal

Asin Thottumkal is one of my favarate actress. She is from Kerala and now she is in heart of every Indians. Her recent film Ghajini made her so popular among whole India.

Although Ghajini was a remake of Tamil film Ghajini it was a super hit in Bollywood.

Asin was the actress in both Tamil and Hindi Ghajini.

She is one actress whose all films became super hit.

I think Asin's first film was a Malayalam Film " Narendran Makan Jayakanthan Vaka ".

But she became famous through Tamil films.

I have seen some movies of Asin Thottumkal in which the film's i like most are

* Ghajini (Tamil)

* Ghajini (Hindi)

* Pokkiri

* Vel

etc etc.....

Idea Star Singer Forum

Hi friends, I am a great fan of Idea Star Singer ( ISS ) Reality Show in Asianet .

I have heard that Idea Star Singer has an Idea Star Singer Forum ( ISS Forum ).

Can any one tell me which is the URL of Idea Star Singer Forum.

I have searched in google to find Idea Star Singer Forum.

But i have seen so many links of Idea Star Singer Forum.

Can anyone tell me which is the Official Idea Star Singer Forum.

Please post the link in comments section.

Hope you all will help me.

Thank you...

Sharukh Khan

Sharukh Khan ( SRK ) or King Khan is one of my favourate actor.I have watched so many movies of Sharukh Khan ( SRK ) in which the movie which i liked most is " Baazigar ".

I used to watch all movies of King Khan and i have also watched his latest movie " Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi "

I like both Shahrukh and Amir ...but i think they dont like each other.

I am waiting for a movie in which Sharukh khan and Amir khan will act together.

Some Shahruk Khan's movies which i like most are : -

* Chalte Chalte

* Chak De! India

* Deewana

* Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani

* Om Shanti Om

* Koyla

* Kaal

Thank You !!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Solar Lantern using Solar Panels

Solar Lantern is a device which gives light at night without electricity(using Solar Panels).

We all are familier with Solar panels. In Solar Lantern Too Solar Panels are used.

In a Solar lantern a 10 Watt or 20 Watts solar panel is used.

The above picture shows a solar lantern. It consist of a Solar panel and a light.

The Solar panel during day time generates electricity and stores inside rechargable battery inside the lantern.

During night the DC stored in rechargable battery is converted to AC and this AC is used to run a CFL lamp.

Inside a solar panel a number of solar cells are there.When Sunlight falls on Solar cells flow of electrons (electricity) is generated. This electricity is used in Solar Lantern.

The components of solar lantern are

* Solar Panel

* Rechargable battery

* Inverter (converts DC to AC)

*CFL Lamp / LED Bulbs

Thank You !!!

Desi - Desi What is Desi ?

Desi is word used for local people of a country. In India the word Desi is most commenly used.

Desi is another form of word " Swedesi " which means from same desh or place.

This word Desi is used in so many Asian Countries including India.

Mostlty North Indians used this word frequenty.

Mallu for south Indians.

Some Common use of this word which we hear are, Desi Videos for Local Video from a local place,
Desi pictures for local pics , Desi Fun for Local Jokes ,Desi Tv for local Television, Desi Girl for local Girl ,Desi Boy for Local Boy , Desi aunty for local Aunty , Desi Uncle for local Uncle and even uses Desi Movies , Desi MP3 ,Desi MMS , Desi Radio etc etc.....

The word Desi shows the culture and Tradition of local people .Mostly village people are focused using this term.

Thank You !!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Make Solar Panel at Home

This is a tutorial for making solar panels at home (DIY) [ Do it Yourself ].

You can generate Free Electricity at home with help of Solar Panels.

For this you have to make a solar panel yourself or should buy a solar panel.

Buying a solar panel is expensive and it will cost around 3 or 4 $ per watt .

So its econamical if you buy an used solar panel or make solar panel yourself.

Making Solar Panel Yourself:

* Buy some solar cell scrap. (You can buy at cheap rates)

* If that solar cells are untabbed then tab it (Process of making leads Positive and negative)

* Connect the tabbed solar cells in series to make desired voltage. (See Below Circuit diagram of connecting Solar cells in series)

(Voltage is the sum of voltages of solar cells which you connect in series)

* Place the whole system in a glass case and put it in sunlight.

* You have Completed the process of making solar panel.

When Sunlight falls on Solar Panel You made , it will generate electricity.

You can run Radio , light , fan etc by using solar electricity.

Thank you..

Free Mobile Wallpapers And Desktop Wallpapers

Here are some Free Mobile Wallpapers And Desktop Wallpapers for u friends....absolutly free.

You can use these wallpapers as your mobile wallpapers or screen savers or you can use as your PC's desktop wallpaper.

Free Mobile Wallpaper Love and Only Love :

Free Desktop Wallpaper Nature :

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Free Website Logo And Free Website Buttons

Here are some website Logos's which i have designed for all website owners.

I am also providing some free website buttons for u friends.

You can download these free logo and free buttons absolutly free and use on your websites.

I request you to give a backlink to my site in return.

Free LOGO :


Depika Padukone

Depika Padukone is one of our favourate Bollywood Actress.

She emerged as a super hit actress through her great film Om Shanti Om which was released last year

On that movie along with Depika Padukone ShahRukh Khan ( King Khan / SRK ) acted.

That film was a super duper hit and that film made Depika Padukone our favourate actress.

The films of Depika Padukone which i like most are :-

* Om Shanti Om

* Made in China

* Aishwarya

* Pirate

Thank you...

Free Website Background Images For Webmasters

Hi friends , i like to share some web resourses with other webmasters.

I know that so many website owners are in search of Free Background images for their websites.

Here is that free Images and logos for your website. Its all Free , and you can add this images to your website .

(Note :- A link back to this Blog is expected fr
om all those websites which add wallpapers and backgrounds from this site.)

Free Professional Website BackGround :

Free Ameture Website BackGround :

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Amitabh Bachan

Amitabh Bachan ( BigB ) is one of my favorate actor. During my childhood i used to watch his all movies which was shown on TV.

Some old movies of Amitabh Bachan ( bigb ) which i like most are :-


Bade Miyan Chhote Miyan








I Still watch all his movies. There is no other actor in bollywood who can act with such perfection as Amithab Bachan.

Thank You....

Gajini Amir Khan with 6 pack abs

In his Super Hit Movie Gajini Amir Khan appears with 6 pack abs.

Anywhay this movie is a great sucess. Hindi Gajini was a remake of Tamil Movie Gajini in which Surya and Asin acted excellently.

Amir Khan took around Ten months to make 6 pack abs.

But now youngsters are going behing 6 pack abs.They want to make 6 pack abs in one or two months.

But be careful.Trying to get 6 pack abs in one or two months can cause physical problems.

Anywhy Ghajini was a superhit movie by Amir Khan .The Magic Girl Asin showed her magic again in Hindi Ghajini.

Thank You...

Barack Obama Look-Alike

I have seen a news in TV about US President Barack Obama Look-Alike person Ilham Anas .

According to news report he is from Indonasia and he is a photographer .

I think he has some face cut of Obama.What u think? Pls Post your Comments..

Anyway he is lucky as he looks like US President.

Thank You Friends !!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mobile Phone Addicts

So many youngsters are now becoming addicted to mobilephones.They cannot live without mobilephone.

This is a major problem in teenagers.I have seen so many of my friends talking to others through mobilephones continuosly for hours without gap.This type of excess use of cellphones should be avoided because over usage of cellphones can cause health problems.

I think excess Mobilephone addiction may cause physiological problems.

This can also increase you mobile

So be careful while speaking to your GirlFriends or to ur Family members.

Mobilephone is ment to exchange quick information and for some emergency use.So no need to misuse or overuse cellphones.

Using phone near to ur head for a long time can cause excess heating of ur ears. So its safe to use a headset or use Loud speakers in ur mobile.Now most phone comes with loud speakers.

I am scared that mobile phone usage will spread like smokers addiction in future.

Now the new treand is buying Laptops.As years pass away mobilephone will became cheap as calculators.Even now they are cheaper as scientific calculators.

So be careful and dont sacrifice ur health for Fun.

Thank You..

URL of Amitabh Bachan's Blog

Hi Friends. I have found so many people searching for Blog of our Favorate Bollywood

actor Amitabh Bachan.

Here is the Link of Big B's Blog :-

Even at first i was in search for his Blog.Finally one of my friend's gave me the link of Amitabh

Bachan's Blog.

Actually i am a Great Fan of Amitabh Bachan.

I am also a Great fan of His son Abhishek Bachan and also Aishwarya Rai

I heard from news media's Amitabh Bachan started writing Blog's .But some days before i was eager to read

his blog.Then i started searching and finally found his Blog's Link.

So Visit him at:

Monday, January 12, 2009

Need of Free Software

Why Free Softwares are essential ? This is mainly because of high cost of paid softwares.

So some people started developing softwares and distributed it freely.

Free Softwares are free to download and upload.Anyone can copy free software and there is no bar in redistribution of free softwares.

Now we can download a lots of Freewares and sharewares from some download sites.

Those software engineers or developers who like to distribute their software free can distribute it through world wide web ( www).

If some one want to sell their software , then they can sell it through internet.

Now a days we will get required softwares from free software download sites. MP3 players, Video players , word processing softwares, engineering softwares, dictionaries, educational softwares , business softwares, interactive voice and speech recoginization software, web browsers, email clients , desktop softwares , etc etc can be downloaded from free download sites .

Even every person who have programming skill can develop software and share it through websites.

If you are a software engineer then you too can join free software groups and help poor computer users.

Thank you ..

Blog Walking and Blog Walkers

I think you all will be very much intrested to know what is blog walking.
Its a simple process of walking (visiting) other blogger's blog and asking them to visit your blog

Blogwalking will increase your blog traffic . So many people will know about your blog and they will read what you post in your blog by blog walking.

How blog walking in performed? How Blog Walkers get more visitors to their blog ?

The first step is to put a ShoutBox or a Chat Box in your Blog.
The second step is to visit other people's blog which has a Chat Box or ShoutBox installed .
The third step is to post your Blog's link and a comment in the shoutbox of the blog you visit. (This is to show that you have visited his blog)

When the other blogger see that you have visited his blog and had posted a comment , he will visit your blog and will post a comment in your blog's chatbox.

Thats walking the blog ... simply blog walking.

As many other blog's you walk , you will get more traffic.

Blog walking is an easy and good method to get more traffic (visitors) to your blog.This will make your blog popular among other bloggers.

More bloggers are very sad thinking " How to get more traffic to my Blog ? " , " How to promote my blog ? " etc ....

So Blog walking is a method to promote your blog and there by get more traffic.

Please post comments about my article if you liked it...

Thank you..Friends.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Music Director A R Rahman got Golden Globe Award for Music in Slumdog Millionaire

Music Director A R Rahman won Golden Globe Award for Music in Slumdog Millionaire.

He is an Indian music director.

And all indians are happy that AR Rahman won Golden Globe Award

This news will be a great one for all ARR fans.

I am also happy because he got a great award and i am also a great fan of AR Rahman.

Thank You friends

Please Post your openion about this good news here

Good Comments are invited.

Thank You

Have a nice day !!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Download Nokia 6030 Modem Driver

All people including me who use Nokia 6030 mobile handset is looking for a modem driver.

I have contacted customer care of Nokia. But they says that there is no modem driver and data cable for this model.

But while searching in Google and Yahoo i have found so many results like "Download Nokia 6030 Modem Driver" . But they have not specified the link for downloading that modem driver.

There is a port in handset for connecting data cable. I have also seen some data cables for this phone on some local mobile dealers shop.

But this data cable and the software provided along with that cable can only be used to transfer picture and ringtones to this phone.

I think Nokia 6030 phone does not support MP3 ringtones.

I have even searched for a PC suit for this handset .But caunt find one.

Why some one caunt develop a modem driver for this mobile ?

I think someone will develop a modem driver for Nokia 6030.

Hope for the Best.

Thank You..

Govt plans to reduce oil price : Petrol Rs 5 Diesel Rs 3 LPG Rs 25

Govt plans to reduce oil price : Petrol Rs 5 Diesel Rs 3 LPG Rs 25

If this price reduction is going to be real then it will be benificial for common people.

The common people are suffering now due to Financial crisis and due to loss of jobs.

Due to financial crisis i think some people lost their jobs.So reducing Petrol price by Rs 5 and Diesel by Rs 3 and LPG by Rs 25 will be benifial for people.

Lowering of LPG price will be benifiacial for housewifes and ladies.

If the price reduction is Rs 25 then it will be more benificial to people.

Due to this price reduction bus fares and auto taxi rates will also be reduced.So it will be an added benifit.

The price of common goods like rice,vegitables and other stationary items will also be reduced.

I think if price is reduced ,then it can help real estate and other industries.

Hope this price reduction will be applicable soon.

Wish you all a nice time

Thank you.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Download Free SMS Software - Free

Heard about so many Download " Free SMS Software " . We have even downloaded so many such Free SMS Softwares .

But dont know where to download these Free SMS Softwares.We have found so many windows applications and also some java applications for mobile .

But the matter is the developer will not specify the type of application , wether mobile or PC application.

So if a person or an organisation which develop Free SMS Software should specify the type of application in the downloads page .

Another thing the developer should specify is File Size in Kb or in Mb . This will help an user to choose appropriate network so that he can download that file quickly.

If you are about to download in a mobile than you should have GPRS enabled on your phone.

Now Free SMS from PC is also provided by some websites . So i think finding a Free SMS Software for PC will be good. If we have an internet connection , then we can send SMS free of cost from PC with the help of a Free SMS Software.

Have a nice Time ...

Thank You..

Mallu - Mallu What is Mallu ?

Mallu is a nick name used for a person from Kerala India.

The term mallu seems funny and is used by other states guys in a funny way.

I think Mallu is an abrivation of Malayalam...Lol

So people use words like :-

Mallu Jokes for malayalam Jokes ;

Mallu Boy for a Kerala Boy ;

Mallu Girl for a Kerala Girl ;

Mallu actor for Kerala Filim actor ;

Mallu actress for Malayalam film actress ;

and even use the term mallu aunty, mallu uncle, and malluwood for malayalam film industry.

This word sounds a little funny and is commenly used in internet world.

I think you all know that Malayalam is the language used by people of Kerala. And Capital of

Kerala is Thiruvananthapuram or occassionally called as Trivandrum or TVM.

Keep Rocking mallu malayalies.......

IOC , BPCL Employees call off strike

Happy news For all Vehicle owners.

IOC , BPCL and other oil corporation Employees called off strike.

Hurrayyyyyyyyyy !!!!

Happy Saturday and sunday !!!

All people was so tensed due to this oil corporation employees strike because they cannot use their vehicle.

Its a good desision from employees to call off strike.

Thank You !!!

Shortage of Petrol and diesel in Kerala , India

As some oil corporation employes are on strike ,there is some shortage of petrol and diesel in all part of India. Most petrol and diesel Pumps are in closed state.

Common people cannot get feul for there vehicle and there is a big queue in front of petrol bunks.

If the situvation goes like this most vehicles will stop running and people will be in trouble.

As the Government announced reducing of Oil prices within a week , the dealers stocked only little amount of petrol and diesel at their bunks.

This shortage of diesel and petrol and LPG has affected Private sector business, auto taxi drivers, public sector industries and even small hotels. Government should do some measures to provide adequate amount of petrol and diesel & LPG to people.

Any why common people wishes that Strike make end soon so that we can use our vehicles.

Thank You !!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

CellPhone Trends

Mobilephone are not just a gadget now.Its a part of our day-today life . So we are looking for new generation and good looking cellphones.

* First generation of Mobilephones where Monochrome (Black & White). Its purpose or use was just for making a call.

* Second generation of Cellphones were colour phones. During the early days colour phones where a little bit expensive.Now its cheaper than a scientific calculator.Even we can buy a colour handset for INR 500.

* Third generation mobile phones where Smartphones , which has much more features like Touch Srceen, expandable memmory , bluetooth , High Resolution camera , InfraRed , Data Cables , EDGE , GPRS .......

* Fourth generation mobile phone are phones like iPhone by Apple , which use 3G Technology and have widescreens. It has high rocking internet speed and mobile applications are pretty faster. iPhone is also a high end Smartphone. iPhone also have touch screen there by avoiding unnecessary hardware components. With iphone we can make phone calls, play movies & music, connect to internet and so on......

People is intrested in new technologies and they are running behind them.They want more features in there handheld device.

Anyway Cheers and Have a Nice Time ! NjoY.