Monday, October 26, 2009

Teachers showing partiality to students

Some teachers shows partiality to students. They will concentrate on some specific students and will ignore others.

These type of partiality shown by teachers are not good for the development of good citizen. So everyone should be considered similar and should be seen through same eyes.

Discrimination towards students cannot be tolarated.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Can you agree with the price of Masala Dosi

When we go to a hotel and checks the menu for Masala Dosi, we can find that its cost is very high. So can you agree with the price of Masala Dosi ?

Is there anything special in it compairing to other food items ? No, nothing. But still the price is very high.

Masala Dosi is made from flour and from some vegetables. The incrediant cost for one Masal Dosi wont exceed 5 INR.

But the price of Masal Dosa at a normal Veg Hotel is around 22 to 25 INR. Actually they can provide that dosai for 10 or 15 INR.

So try to have some food which is worth for its price.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

How to live safe from Job frauds

There are so many Job Frauds in this World. They will try to collect money from us. But we should live in alert and should stay away from those fraud people.

Job frauds are more in IT related services. Some offers job assurance courses and cheats the candidate without providing real Job.

Another trap comes in data entry Jobs or BPO jobs. Those people asks for security deposity and will ran away atlast cheating the poor employee.

So always beware of such scams and frauds.

Advantages of Plastic Chairs

Plastic chairs have some advantages than wood or iron made chairs. These all are the advantages of plastic chairs :-

Plastc chair's are light weighted. So they can be carried from place to place without much effort.

These cirs needs only less space to store as we can arrange one chair above another when not in use.

Plastic chairs provide more comfort of those who sit in it compairing to other chairs.

These all make plastic chairs more user friendly.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Popular Auto and Pick-up found in Kerala

Popular Auto and Pick-up models found in Kerala are :-

Bajaj Petrol & Diesel Auto Rickshaw,
Ape Pick-up's and
Tata Pick-up's.

People of Kerala depends more on Auto Taxi and on other public transport systems.

Friday, October 2, 2009

How to sell old newspapers at home

Its a big task for house owners to sell old newspapers. We collects and stores unused newspapers in our store room. But after some months the old newspaper collection will fill all space of our house.

One method to get rid of these old news papers is by selling these to nearby stationary shop. The shop people will use these papers to pack stationary items.

The second method is to sell these papes to those who recycle old papers. They will recycle and will make it to some useful products.

But dont burn old newspapers. This can cause atmosphere pollution. So try to avoid it.