Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Free Malayalam Typing Software - DTP

More DTP centers and offices gets malayalam DTP works. But there is only few Free Malayalam Typing Software. More people use Character Map to Type Malayalam. The difficulty of using Character map focus the need of Malayalam Softwares.

The other way of taking malayalam printouts are by installing malayalam Fonts. Just download some malayalam fonts from websites and put it in the Fonts folder of Control Panel (Windows OS not Linux). Then you can acess these malayalam fonts through MS Word or by using notepad / wordpad.

Use a malayalam Keyboard to type malayalam im Word. So installing a font in your PC will help you to type in your local language. Similarly hindi fonts, tamil fonts etc can be installed in your computer and with help of hindi / tamil keyboards you can type in local language.

There is also Arab Keyboards available in the market.

As the task of buying new keyboard is difficult a new free malayalam typing software should be developed with on screen keyboard. More Kerala people promote free software. So some induvidual or local software companies should come up to develop such a software.

Thank You.